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wood framing around a fireplace

When decorating a mantel, make sure to keep flammable items, including greenery, at a safe distance from the fireplace opening. Tape thin plywood or cardboard to floor around hearth to protect floor from scratches and debris. It never hurts to double-check the measurements and ensure everything is square before you nail in the last board. We offer cast stone, limestone, and wood mantels. By Jenny Griffin “Combustibles” are defined as “normal construction materials” and are considered to be: wood framing materials, particle board, mill board, plywood sub-flooring, plywood paneling, wood flooring, and drywall. I know of a couple of cases here in Georgia where a builder got an unexpected failure at final inspection because of this. We picture-frame every fireplace we do. Before I install my first board in the picture frame, I like to cut (and groove) the partial board that will go next to it. Here we used ipé for everything, but adding a contrasting species for the entire picture frame or as a feature strip is a great way to draw attention to the focal point. A fireplace surround is a non-combustible material that goes between the fireplace and the mantel. Masonry Fireplaces. Dry-fit the side piece with the board you just ripped. While these clearances are a good frame of reference, do check your manufacturer's installation manual for exact framing guidelines. Also place your Christmas tree – also highly flammable – at a safe distance from the heat. We then cut a piece of 3/4 inch plywood to go around the tile and cover the rest of the brick. Verify that the picture frame is square to the floor, then dry-fit the pre-cut board with the outside of the frame. What Does ‘Baseline Moisture Content’ Mean? After the basic frame/box is built for the fireplace, build a floor and ceiling inside the walls where the unit sits. Codes vary, but a minimum 2-in. Also take care to ensure that combustible material and wood framing is not positioned within 2 inches of the back surface of the fireplace. Clearances vary by manufacturer and quality of materials used. The top of the lower frame will be used as the support base for the mantel. I've installed the field almost up to the edge of the picture frame. Assemble the front of the fireplace on a flat surface initially. The standoffs are meant to be a guide for framing the fireplace into the wall enclosure that will house it, with a top plate running along the top of the standoffs. Martin Verhagen is president at contracting company Old World Wood Floors in Oregon,Wis. If it's a good fit, glue the last side of the picture frame. Once that board is secured, you can nail in the last side piece of the picture frame. Groove and insert spline into the outer edge and miter of the board, adhering the spline with wood glue. Hammer finish nails through the trim boards every 4 to 6 inches into the hearth frame. Step 3 Remove Old Hearth Photo by Brian Wilder. Other considerations for the front wall of the fireplace could be if you want to use masonry, stone, or brick. Also take care to ensure that combustibles are not placed less than 28 inches from where the sidewall opens (again, specific model requirements vary, so consult installation manuals). The framing consists of constructing rectangles out of the 2" x 3" spruce studs. Anything you add to this fireplace should be metal, unless there is enough space for a 2X flat, so it will lessen the length of the metal framing. You'll need the manufacturers specs on the opening and depth. Mark, measure, rip and rout the board so it seamlessly fits the frame. The need for the air space and outer fireplace jacket means that additional space will be needed to fit the appliance into your intended location. We love this tiered trimming concept, done in all… We used concrete screws and screwed it directly into the brick. The surround is more than an attractive frame for your fireplace. However, always make sure you follow the restrictions for your particular model. Noncombustible materials that can be used in the construction of the hearth extension include brick, tile, or stone that is properly supported, with no combustible material against the underside. Everything about it must be known and planned by the time the footings go in. Inspectors of older homes often find wood framing built right against masonry chimneys and at times we find wood framing that rests in a pocket in a masonry chimney structure, using the chimney to support the building framing. The base is first by necessity, next I frame the lower half of the fireplace surround up to the height of the mantel. To determine the total length, add the width of the flooring times two (for a board on each side) to the length of the fireplace hearth. Privacy Policy, FireRock Building Materials © 2021 | Site Design and Development by IMPACT, Clearance To Combustibles Around Fireplaces - Your Quick & Easy Guide, clearance to combustibles and framing from the firebox and smoke chamber is 1 inch. Before we make our first cut, we verify the hearth size with the tile contractor and ask how much space to allow for the grout, which can add 1/8 to 1/4 inch between each tile. Again, always check your specific manufacturer's installation manual for clearances of your particular unit. When the interior designer suggested stone for this dance floor, the client balked. For instance, in the case of FireRock Building Materials, the minimum clearance to combustibles and framing from the firebox and smoke chamber is 1 inch. Drop a chock line from one end of the room to the other across the front of the fireplace. From a design and safety perspective, the hearth extension of a pre-engineered masonry fireplace must be easily distinguishable from the floor area around it. Clearances refer to how far materials have to be from your fireplace. One detail that adds interest and value to a wood flooring installation is a picture-framed fireplace. wood framing, drywall) touching the back and sides of the unit without fear of heat damage. Their length should be the depth of the hearth plus the width of the board. And if you have any questions or doubts, call a professional. It's a barrier to protect your home from the heat, sparks and flame in the fire pit.  |  Install trim around your fireplace that frames the fireplace itself. New wood-burning fireplaces shall have gasketed doors and outdoor combustion air. Unfinished wood flooring makes up 72% of the flooring installed by contractors, according to the 2020 WFB State of the Industry Survey (wfbmag.co/soi20). We picture-frame every fireplace we do. Most zero clearance fireplaces can have combustible materials (e.g. Your framing must be indendent of the masonry structure, and must clear it by code clearances. Very basic job. I did have to run the wood through my table saw to thin it out just a hair so that it was the same thickness as the tile. Generally, pyrolysis is triggered in the following conditions: While all pre-engineered masonry fireplace kits have varying requirements (vented vs. unvented, etc.)  |  Many allow for wood or framing that comes right up to the insulated fire-box. Use a finish nailer to nail near the wall and in the tongue on the side of the board where it meets the picture frame (so you don't push the frame out of position). Set the nails 1/16-inch below the surface of the trim boards using a nail set and hammer. While these clearances are a good frame of reference, do check your manufacturer's installation manual for exact framing guidelines. Use the nailer on the board you cut in Step 10 only where it meets the field. This was going to become our mantle and surround. Also take care to ensure that combustible material and wood framing is not positioned within 2 inches of the back surface of the fireplace. Also mark the length and width of the hearth. Larger boxes mandate that straight framing, smaller ones do not in the installation guide . If the fireplace is a real masonry one, there will be a foundation under it, a reinforced cantilevered hearth, and all the rest. Rack out the floor around the frame. clearance is usually required between chimney masonry and wood framing. Both paneling and thin wood boards work well to cover the existing fireplace. Fireplace inserts look and act like traditional fireplaces but are inserted directly into a frame such as an existing fireplace or even a piece of furniture. WFB's inaugural Product Launch section makes it easy to find the latest products. For every 1/8 inch of protruding combustible material, you must account for an additional inch of clearance. In this case, that adds up to 13 1 / 4 inches. Carefully adjust the mantel so that the fireplace is framed evenly, with the mantel extended an equal distance on either side of the hearth. Clearances vary by manufacturer and quality of materials used. We offer Marble, Granite, Slate, Real Stone, and Cast Stone. If I don't do that now, I'll have to struggle to slide it in later. Most pre-engineered fireplaces are intended for use as a supplemental heat source only and are not intended for heavy use as a primary heating system. Whatever the case, be sure to charge for the extra time it takes to create the picture frame. When updating or installing a fireplace, redecorating the hearth and surround, or adding a mantel, know the safety rules that reduce the risk for property damage, personal injury or even loss of life. Be sure to check the placement of the fireplace relative to the wall and the floor. Here's how it appears in the energy code, with the exact language: 402.4 Air Leakage (Mandatory) 402.4.3 Fireplaces. Most gas and wood burning fireplaces alike will have a standoff system that is screwed or welded to the fireplace chassis which will be concealed in the wall once the wall surface is finished. Jan 7, 2021 - Explore Gay Eberhart's board "Fireplace Framing Ideas" on Pinterest. Rout the mitered ends and glue in spline to create a tongue. Groove the cut area. On this job, the builder decided at the last minute against using tile and left it up to me to fill in the space I had already picture-framed. See more ideas about fireplace, fireplace design, house design. Build the fireplace frame. The result was a parquet pattern, shown at left. Once you are satisfied everything lines up, nail the pre-cut board to the field. Most framing I have seen goes straight up to the ceiling at the opening of the firebox. Wood-burning fireplaces also need non-combustible material on … Step 3: Cut out wood to extend the fireplace hearth. Position the mantel around the fireplace. Many homeowners are installing wood, gas, electric and pellet fireplace inserts instead of re-building a traditional fireplace. There are times when you may have to improvise. Dry-fit the frame and verify the distance in front of the fireplace to the back of the board. Wood. Floor-to-ceiling millwork in a coffered design surrounds this fireplace in true classic style, updated with a trendy hue of gray. Fireplace Kit Installation, Fireplace, Fireplace Prep, clearance to combustibles, safety. Additionally, you don’t have to do picture frame molding if you can get the tile flooring around the fireplace to be flush with the wood floor. Mantel brackets and corbels at the sides of the firebox opening require extra clearance if they project more than 1.5 inches outwards from the face of the fireplace. Then nail the side board. Combustibles aslo include wood trim, mantels, framing and any other object that can catch fire and burn. Use the measuring tape to make sure the position is ideal, and follow with the use of a level to make sure the mantelpiece is perfectly horizontal. In most situations this means the header runs 2 in. Note: The PVC pipe sticking out to … Some zero-clearance fireplace products have labels and/or instructions listing 1/2" or more clearance to certain parts. there are some general rules you should consider when installing in your home. Just as a mention, in traditional wood burning fireplaces, there is to be a 2" air space between the masonry and any wood or combustibles. If the floor is 2 1/4 you will need to measure out about 2 1/2 to allow for the tongue. A: In most cases, I think it looks better to frame around the fireplace. Akhurst Machinery ... Motors 101 & What Wood Flooring Pros Should Know, Part 1. Fireplaces must be properly installed with adequate clearances to avoid chemical decomposition caused by heat in a process known as pyrolysis. When installing a fireplace, adhering to the proper clearance to combustibles is imperative, as placing a combustible material too close to the fireplace can result in a fire. The advantage of using fireplace inserts over the open fireplace is there is a space between the firebox and the outside walls of the insert. When you get to the other side, you'll need to rip another board to fit. Serving the Flooring, Woodworking & Moulding Industries Since 1930, Manufacturing the Finest Hardwood Products Since 1947. From straight-lay strip to parquet, herringbone and more, these articles offer the 411 on wood floor installation. A recessed wood header can cause a dip in the floor as the header shrinks. Most often, the wood picture frame surrounds a tile hearth. You then frame out that section of floor with thinner pieces of your regular wood floor instead of picture frame … Make the miter cuts for the long board in the front of the picture frame. Find the center of the fireplace and mark it on the subfloor. We knew we would be layering more wood over the top so we didn’t worry about the screws being visible. Bringing out the best in hardwood floors. Accuracy is key, so we measure and dry-fit often. Tip: This is a good time to consider building or buying a new mantel. Parts of the mantel assembly located along the sides of the fireplace opening, which project more than 1-1/2 inches from the face of the fireplace, shall have additional clearance equal to the projection. Fit the trim boards around the hearth frame like a picture frame. You can use … Most often, the wood picture frame surrounds a tile hearth. Generally speaking, the term zero-clearance means that ‘inside’ the wall into which the fireplace is recessed, you can bring wood or framing right up to the insulated fire-box, or up to stand-offs that are built-in. You starter row will be the board that hits the front of the mantle. Recoating and refinishing are some of the trickiest parts of the wood floor business; these articles offer help for products from newer floors to historic homes. For instance, a wood burning fireplace with an advertised 36 inch wide viewing area may have a framing dimension of 40 inches wide overall. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(131898, 'da0143d4-6316-45cf-a2ef-9f4e644efd1b', {}); Questions? A 1,149-Square-Foot Medallion Made for Dancing, https://www.nortonabrasives.com/en-us/markets/floor-sanding?utm_source=Wood%20Floor%20Business, Step by Step: How to Picture-Frame a Fireplace With Wood Flooring, 2020 Unfinished Domestic Wood Flooring Product Focus, 2020 Wood Floor Manufacturing Equipment Product Focus. All fireplaces must have a noncombustible hearth that extends 20” beyond the front of the firebox and 8” to either side. The National Fire Code requires all combustible material to be at least 6 inches from the opening of the firebox. Oftentimes, the fireplace and the floor may not be square to each other, and the tile contractor is limited in how much he can adjust for this. "Our customer... Everything from basics on running the big machine to detailed buffer techniques and more are in these wood floor sanding articles. Trace the inside edge of the boards on the subfloor so you know where to apply the glue. I want to make a larger mantle that fills the space between the front of the fireplace and the flue pipe at about eye level-- … Mantels are the decorative framework for around the fireplace. Perhaps you actually don’t have a fireplace … Also, any part of the mantel that sticks out more than 1.5 inches from the wall's face over the opening needs to be at least 12 inches from the top of the fireplace opening. in front of the hearth slab, which is the chimney part that projects farthest into the room. Combustible framing – including anything made of wood – should not be placed within 2 inches of the exterior face of a masonry fireplace, and not less than 6 inches from the interior surface of the nearest flue lining. Miter-cut the two end pieces for the frame. One detail that adds interest and value to a wood flooring installation is a picture-framed fireplace. Call us 1-888-876-1025 I used 1” x 4” pine wood around the tile and mitered it in the corners. Temperatures over 200°F can quickly become a safety hazard. Here, I start with the board on the left. The floor can be framed out of two 2x4 knee walls with 3/4" OSB covering the floor.

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