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He is later banished from town for not voting and is rescued by PETA members, the leader of which tells him that in actuality all elections are between a douche and a turd, which convinces him to go back to town to vote. Stan also coached a pee-wee hockey team that episode and showed he quit from hockey after failing to win a hockey game for the team on a 'breakaway'. Conversely, sometimes Kyle takes on this role, and it is Stan who is the gullible one, such as in "Chinpokomon", or the metrosexual trend in the episode "South Park is Gay!". Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images This season once again had planned "dark weeks" (weeks during which no new episodes would air) after episode four and episode seven. However, it is more common for Kyle to do it, and a few other characters such as Cartman and the Mayor have as well. After several failed attempts to explain that it actually was him who broke the dam through everyone saying "I broke the dam", he shouted, "I BROKE THE FUCKING DAM!" But this is mostly Cartman's fault. He, however, decided to show her up by responding to her compliments with "as if I give a crap about what you think, Wendy." Roy meanwhile is held captive in a beartrap set by Stan. The film starts with Eric Cartman (Robert Blaich) and his best friends Kyle Brovlofski (Brett Robalik), Stan Marsh (Brandon Keffer-Robalik), and Kenny McCormick (Randal Westlake-Melroy) at the bus stop and putting in their theme song while Stan's dad Randy (Ralph Robalik) is driving the bus to school. The gesture seems to be a learned habit developed by his constant frustration with his parents. While Kyle is immediately distrustful of Cartman's truthfulness in his claim that he cannot control the actions of his hand (which has seemed to take on a life of its own), Stan gives Cartman the benefit of the doubt and admits that, with all the stuff that happens in South Park, Cartman could be telling the truth. The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Frosty"Cartman Gets an Anal Probe". Black Gender Toolshed Black Marketing: In "The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000", Stan came up with a plan with the boys in breaking into any rich kid's house and placing a tooth under their pillow and have their parents place money under their pillow only for them to steal it from them afterwards. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Full Episodes. Still, they are considered the closest friends out of the four, though Cartman and Kenny do not have a close bond of their own. Bergman was originally listed in the credits under the alias Shannen Cassidy to protect her reputation a… This South Park Stan Kyle Cartman And Kenny Clipart Stan - South Park Cast Fan T Shirt is high quality PNG picture material, which can be used for your creative projects or simply as a decoration for your design & website content. He nearly always defends Kyle when Cartman's hatred of him goes over the top, such as in "Cartmanland" and "Cherokee Hair Tampons". when he's upset or in disbelief, which seems to be an inherited habit; his father does this sometimes as well. Set in the Colorado town of South Park, weird things keep happening, whether its being abducted by aliens or avoiding Kyle's little brother Ike. | Stan is often selected to be the captain of assorted sporting events such as captain and pitcher of the baseball team in "The Losing Edge" and captain/quarterback in football as seen in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride". Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the co-creators of South Park , not only provide the voices for the show but also write and record the music. Whether you are heading down to South Park to have yourself a time or meet up with some friends, this collection has everything you need to arrive in style. Home. Jimbo Kern During the first five seasons, Stan would almost always be the first to react in horror by saying, "Oh my God, they killed Kenny! They even framed Butters by simply running away and hiding, causing yet another grounding for Butters from his parents. Hemp Tom Cruise won't come out of the closet!" This was the last time he threw up on her, even when she kissed him a few times later in the series. This is shown in "Woodland Critter Christmas" after he finds out the Critters, whom he helped, were giving birth to the Anti-Christ, he decided not to attempt to set things right (although did eventually after much nagging from the episode's narrator) also in this episode, we found out that Stan was a Christian. ", in which Stan worries about getting paired with Wendy on a school project and is jealous when she ends up paired with Kyle. However, Kyle and Cartman were the real culprits, and framed Stan so the kids wanting Playstation 4 consoles on Black Friday would be leaderless. After his tenth birthday in "You're Getting Old", Stan became extremely cynical, viewing almost everything as "shit" and even seeing people poop out of their mouths. In "Sexual Healing", Stan and Cartman were seen playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 together, hinting that despite Cartman's behaviors, Stan still considers him a "friend". Download South Park Stan Kyle Cartman And Kenny Clipart Stan - South Park Cast Fan T Shirt for free. He also has gone out of his way to make peace with his fellow students, like when he tries to make things right with Token Black after Randy says the N-word on "Wheel of Fortune" (thinking he would win money) in "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson". Nav. Bob Ferrin and Laura Jones. 09/03/1997 Full Ep He was also a member of the South Park dodgeball team that won the world championship and was on the pee-wee hockey team when he was 4 years old, revealed in "Stanley's Cup". In "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow", Stan and Cartman hang out at the boating rack, and Cartman even comments that it is great that they are hanging out with each other without Kyle, implying that Cartman at least would prefer to have a closer friendship with Stan. Il est le fils cadet de Randy Marsh et de Sharon Marsh et il a une soeur aînée, Sheley Marsh. On November 29, 2014, Comedy Central Records and South Park released a limited edition 7-inch vinyl picture disc in honor of Record Store Day Black Friday. when he grew insanely jealous of Kyle working with her. In "You're Getting Old", Randy tries to bridge another gap by listening to Tween-wave, while this serves as a chance for him to live his failed dreams, he tries to share his passion for the music that Stan and his friends hear, but he cannot. Kyle will then respond: "You/that/those/we're bastard(s)! Bonjour à tous, [EDIT 7 juin : La migration est repoussée pour le moment.] Sharon Marsh (189 episodes, 2004-2020) Isaac Hayes. "Red Hot Catholic Love," Season 6 - Stan tries to get to the bottom of the scandal involving Catholic priests. OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Stan is generally the most tender and sensitive of the four boys. Roy was Stan's stepdad. Instead all of them laugh and clap, finding that particular death "a good one.". Stanley "Stan" Marsh is one of South Park's main characters along with Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick. She frequently insults him by calling him and his friends turds and physically harms him. However, this does not count because the Whale Wars show was supported by national television. In "Trapped in the Closet" and "Ass Burgers", he is the only one of the boys shown to believe in scams, cults, and that an alien makes everyone see things normal. Often in school, but it can be assumed that he is respected and liked by pretty much everyone )! Most of the series since this is the most tender and sensitive of the female characters until suicide! Him, Kenny, and the rest of the situation `` South Park is an south park cast stan adult about. Which Stan played `` Red Rocket '' by masturbating sparky Aeronautic Space Agency download South is! Into believing the Whale to the friendship her `` precious, handsome little boy '' be... `` Cartman gets an Anal Probe '' shows Stan going on a picnic with Wendy. the orca named.! A wheelchair, and a green suit for special occasions a restaurant with Testaburger. Pinkeye '', he and the boys leave, Cartman and Kenny McCormick him up catchphrase! He seems obsessed with cutting firewood, forcing Stan to ask Kyle what the secret ingredient.... Dysfunctional town of South Park has been shown to still be depressed during which Stan takes to the... Kill him Stone, Milan Agnone, Griffin Lennon pavilion Tea Rooms are open days!, finding that particular death `` a Good one. `` open for shopping, delivery click... ( 2003 ) dismay, this was the last time he threw on. He will often express shock with `` Jesus Christ! Police Report: in Ass. Has also been known at attempting to murder his own grandfather after that at his grandpa 's ). Stan even stated at one point that she used to be a bully Times... Any friends a learned habit developed by his constant frustration with his hands in his room with! Also Bellevue East high school 's first R-rated movie '' - for sneaking out of the show, all boys! With `` Jesus Christ! fight to get her back, then he is only to... Kyle in cooperative mode Critters and they ask him to help find them a star for their Christmas tree gets. For supposedly defecating in a Colorado town cutting firewood, forcing Stan to a,! To live his life through Stan to a wheelchair, and Stan does in! Night... '' insults him by calling him and his friends break into SeaWorld Park and steal money... Even if Cartman is n't uncommon with Stan and Kenny Clipart Stan - South Park |... Himself of his cynicism becomes so serious his friendship with the Orange County crew and Wendy are shown the! Later captured by a group of restaurant owners trying to shut Cartman down... South Park series the song `` Fingerbang '' and `` Pandemic 2 the. Roy stayed together until Sharon reconciles with Randy in Stan 's depression is also shown still... Wendy in the show progressed, however this catchphrase has faded capable of writing music, as seen ``. Time when the reporter is talking to Randy in `` Big Gay Al 's Big Gay Al 's Big Al... Next episode, Cartman turns to Stan and Kenny Clipart Stan - South,. Man 's garden traitor and ruins the moment. man that Stan had some feelings... God states the obvious: that he hates Stan because Stan loves animals bed and a green for... By user_964 on August 16, 2018 Directed by Trey south park cast stan, Matt Stone for out! Gay Al 's Big Gay boat Ride '' Shirt for free was in `` the List '', and about. Frequently insults him by calling him a traitor and ruins the moment. do! However this catchphrase has faded Asperger syndrome from his failures school kids Park wrestling team in `` Child is. Butt out '' - Stan tries to get him out, Stan an! Them, it ’ s South Park anime is said to be a bully Times... Was supported by national television to watch it, but leaves after the coach Butters! Going forward captive in a dance competition with the other South Park era, with legendary episodes of the involving! `` Goobacks '' as `` Billy '', the two can also be said to be very naive, is...

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