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Took it back wanting to exchange it for a working copy... the girl there then tells me i can't exchange it because there is a scratch on it, and that my DVD player scratched it. i understand that this is a complaints page but if you happen to run into good enough customer service to want to tip, only tip the person helping you. Best Buy generated revenue of more than $42 billion in fiscal 2018. Good luck with that. We purchased $10K worth of appliances from them 4 months ago that they still don't know when they have in stock. Best Buy - Will not answer their phone! Best Buy - headphones. He says, this gentleman here says we can access his account - she shakes her head and says no. So, that is exactly what I did. 75 Reviews | 3.0 Rating Visit Site Company Reviews Reviews Questions & Answers Q&A Trust Score Trust Deals Deals Coupons Coupons. That's when one of [censor]S tells her he needs a key. I recommend everybody DO NOT ORDER ONLINE TO BEST BUY, THEY HAVE VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, especially in terms of return and response. She told me that if I did not get a verification of shipment via email by the end of the day, that I should call back. No hassle, no harassment, no excessive unnecessary interrogation (just asked for my phone number thats it). Reading these comments are good for a laugh because most of them are complete idiocy. Our family of 5 has been without a washer, dryer, dishwasher and proper fridge now for 3 months now. Now let's move on to Liquid Damage on every Mobile handset there are Liquid damage indicators, that does it's job! How to Change Your Shipping Address. He then tells me that he has no idea why person #1 told me I would get an email in an hour, or why person #2 would tell me that it would be delivered on January 4. Now, they say it will take 1 billing cycle to receive my money, so I will have to wait about … Estimated Money Consumers Saved since 1997: $15,765,080,261.01. Nice, that's some buying power right there. Could you please look at the item to see before you speculate that I did something wrong? I had to do that today it was absolutely infuriating to take an hour and gas money so ask a question that took 2 minutes. Stick to Amazon and avoid this place. Canada-complaints.com ... Thank-you for contacting Best Buy advising us of the issues you have been having. DON'T YELL at us, listen it's only logical, YOU used the iPad, not us. Electronics_Canada. 3.89. Best Buy Canada Headquarters – Company in Burnaby, BC – 8800 Glenlyon Parkway, Burnaby, British Columbia. Please allow up to 20 days for points to appear in your account. That's is not fair. I Urge you to read the contract and you will notice that best buy is actually stealing money from people. I said fine, but since I'm waiting for so long will Best Buy at least reimburse my shipping? When we call your Financial Institution to verify the billing information on your order, we are being advised that these cards are debit cards and not credit cards. The upright phone charging dock will only charge his phone for 15 seconds before switching off. Ended up going to the main menu. Ordered Dec 26th, CC billed that day, item still not shipped Jan 7, called them can’t cancel order even though it hasn’t shipped. And yup, I fell for the protection plan, ad as one person pointed out it is a scam. She told me that she could not cancel the order. In the end, I used profanity and called him a bunch of names - for some reason he said "anytime buddy!" You lost the pamphlet okay go back to the store and ask for it again, we will be happy to give you another copy, if we have no more pamphlets we will be more then happy to give a full print out for you; it's your right as a consumer to be informed. Bottom line is (I hate to say this), the intelligence level of workers these days is very low. for myself if the customer wants it they can have it but if i ask and they say no, then the answer is no. Seriously, Best Buy. You can find contact details for Best Buy above. I had to go through 5 different employees to help us and none of them were great help. For the record, I did not give her any attitude problem and I was not rude to her in any way. Well I never received it by Friday. I am quite shaken by everyone's complaints here; I for one am a Best Buy Employee and to everyone here with a complaint about how you wait on the phone for a very long time or no answer. She told me that she could not get a supervisor. My mother had asked for me to find him something that she could purchase online and have shipped to him, as I live in Canada and she lives in the US, and this is a game he wanted. When I need something and I can not find it other places, I go to Best Buy. The employees are always so kind and helpful but they are really handcuffed by corporate. I phoned, again, now this is the fourth time I have called, and the fifth person I have had to verify my identity and order information. When I finally got through the checkout, all my items were available. I asked Best Buy to cancel the order and give me a refund and they wouldn't let me. She said of course it would happen. They never refunded me or emailed my back I made 2 trips into the store to have the matter addressed and it is now Jan 6, and still no one has replaced my gift card that i threw out after I placed a order that they could not supply. It is clearly the fault of the company as far as higher management. I purchased an LG appliance set, stove, fridge and a dishwasher. The only answers I get is we cannot do anything. They are ask to pay another 10000 rs for that account. Does anybody know how to file a formal complaint or speak to someone in corportate? Multiple calls got no satisfaction, even had a rep insist that I would receive the product Jan 8 even though Purolator hadn’t received it by Jan 7 and it needed to go from BC to ON I called Amex to dispute the charge and I will refuse delivery when it finally comes, some time in March or April. ". I forwarded the email to my mother, the holder of the credit card used for the purchase, and she tried to call, but was advised that they would not talk to her since the order was not in her name. Review by Bafford … These people who are in your employee have cost your company a good customer. It was supposed to be a simple hassle free return. Best Buy, bestbuy.ca, Geek Squad, and geeksquad.ca are divisions of Burnaby-based Best Buy Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of Best Buy Co., Inc. What we collect. Best Buy - best buy won't replace or credit a defective product. We’re here to help. They mentioned they could print me a shipping slip to return it that way but it probably won't make it in time so they wouldn't recommend doing that. Avoid Best Buy at all cost! I ordered a Bosch 300 series washer on Sunday Dec. 27,2020 in the afternoon. Find out common car problems directly from owners like yourself. "you said Jesus Christ and that is a profanity." & while waiting, I asked the girl to call back there to find out how long it's going to take to do the memory. I will definitely go back to location in Ajax. When I tried changing method of payment as the email from bestbuy had suggested I do, my order could not be updated. 22,926 Best Buy reviews. It is a scam. THAT is good service. Best Buy - unacceptable repair and customer service, Best Buy - best buy won't replace or credit a defective product, Best Buy - refund delay for debit card purchase, Best Buy Canada - No response to my e-mail, Best Buy - laptop held hostage by the geek squad, Best Buy - defective products - won't replace. I think Price matching is a all store policy and it's not a promo ! I said i didn't she then went back to the DVD player,I said no she then says 'well then YOU scratched it' by that point i was boiling mad and yelling at her that i didn't scratch the f**%$g DVD we went back and forth with this stupid conversation for at least a couple of minutes... i told her all i wanted is what i payed for a working copy of he DVD scratching it is pointless. I am sure it will take it. When I got through, they told it was pointless and my 30 day window was … They did not print the apartment on the box. Went there again today to exchange a DVD i got as a birthday gift (i stopped shopping there) stood 25 mins in line with only 2 people in front of me... manager came back and forth but never thought of helping when i asked she pointed to the line i was already standing in at that point (the second time after i got another DVD for 30 mins). When I receieved the laptop (finally) I had just been into a Staples store that day, and noticed the new models out for $50.00 more than the model I purchased from Best Buy. eventually you just say f it! The company Canadian Mall associated with best buy marketplace had terrible service. Other than asking for my simple phone number and what was wrong with it and a visual inspection which is appropriate like the ones in Ajax and various Futureshop. That's when I lost it - told him he was incompetent of doing his job and I wanted to speak to another manager. 15th of Dec, 2011 by angry at bestbuy -1 Votes I bought Mac laptop from Best buy which they price match up with Future shop which is really good, but on the flyers when you buy Mac laptop you can add MS office 2011 home & student for $99 but they reject it due to their policy, they cannot give customer 2 promos. Great. We'll also show you how to make the most of your active lifestyle with our huge selection of smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology. Now if you say "Well I work during the week and I can't always come to store. How to Manage Your Credit Cards and Addresses. terrible staff, terrible service, management sucks. Many of you throw temper tantrums when things don't work out in your favour. I spent roughly 3 hours waiting and bouncing around 3 different departments throughout the whole process. So they should give me that Promo. On January 23, I went on to the Best Buy website looking for the collector edition of Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360) for a birthday gift for my son. Through its recycling program, Best Buy collects 409 pounds of electronics each minute the stores are open. You’ll need to wait 2-3 months to do your laundry. Why wait for a whole week and then make us question you OF COURSE WE WILL It's a WEEK OLD. pS5s are now sold out and we havent been able to acquire one since. Best Buy is one of Canada’s largest and most successful retailers, operating the Best Buy (www.bestbuy.ca), Best Buy Mobile, and Geek Squad (www.geeksquad.ca) brands. I felt like I was getting a business done in 1980's and I'm born in 1987!! I am very disappointed with Best Buy's online service. Three times in 2012 I wasted my time going to a store to find the advertised item I wanted and three times I was told by those pathetic excuses for store employees that the item is sold out...on the first day of the sale? So I go in around 24 hours after confirming they have plenty of memory only to be told they don't. Today i called the south common store, I followed the directions on the telephone and choose 5 (for DVD movies) after 30 rings the system sent me back to the choices menu, i then choose 7 to speak with customer service. However, when I checked my in-box the next day, arriving after my verification email was an email that my credit card had been declined. All they do is open a new case. I will never deal with Best Buy again on anything . I phoned customer service and spoke with an agent. Now almost over 2 months (today's is Jan 6th, 2021) have been passed and I have already called almost every week to Best Buy with a very long waiting time on call, I have not my money back yet. What should I do. Here is my ID I say, I was told you can pull up the account info with my contact information on my ID. Even one of the Geek idiots tried to convince me that my computer won't run at anything higher than 2 GB. Lesson learned do not deal with a company that operates with 0% customer service. I've never wrote formal reviews for anything ever but I had to this time. and would refund my purchase. Customer Service - this is where everything goes to [censor]. He looks lost - "ahh.. what? Just because you can't see the indicator doesn't mean it's not there. Phone Number: Call the Best Buy headquarters at 1-888-237-8289 for the consumer customer service department, 1-612-291-1000 for Best Buy headquarters, or 1-612-231-5146 for media inquiries. Best Buy - unacceptable repair and customer service. I'm at the point where we have engaged a lawyer to try and get our refund processed. Good luck with that. Jesus. I asked if she could escalate it again since time was an issue. I would rather deal with customer service in India than anyone at any level at Best Buy. Don't trust anyone in the store, only call the Geek Squad) I'm in India. Where are all the employees. As for me, I am done with Best Buy. This video game is a special edition and had to be ordered before the release date to get the special edition and Best Buy had some sort of special book with the game which is why I ordered it from Best Buy and not Amazon or Future Shop. I tell him the same story I told the "computer" guy. Browse Categories. Cool, I am almost out of here I think. I now spend my money at 2001 Audio Video where there has always been a good customer experience for me...knowledgeable and helpful employees...store manager that is always available...item in stock, and if it isn't they take your name and phone number to contact you when it is...even shopping at Future Shop has been less frustrating than wasting my time with Best Buy! His English was quite broken, he told me that the credit card was in the process of being verified, that I just had to wait. When I got home from work, I received an email that the order required an information update. He gets it and then after a few mins of me waiting around for him to get the stuff together - he says ok, let me ring you up. Email Us. I will be see the advertisement on quikr and it will be displayed$670 of iPhone 5s and I will be message on that person. This time I asked for a supervisor. Then he will be replying me to buy a 3 iPhone and gives one iPhone free . told him to go ahead and he;s still a [censor] head etc. Waiting a few hours to try and see if it will run again. In 1983, it was renamed and rebranded with more emphasis placed on consumer electronics. Email: There is no dedicated email address or contact form for Best Buy corporate, but we did find an email for the investor … BEST BUY PRODUCT EXCHANGE PLAN is actually BEST BUY CUSTOMER MONEY STEALING PLAN. Staff including so called tech staff… Staff including so called tech staff know nothing. Best Buy Canada was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 09, 2013 and since then this brand received 48 reviews.. Best Buy Canada ranks 518 of 1769 in Appliances and Electronics category. We’ll also show you how to get the most out of your devices. The government of Canada must know this is the way Best Buy is treating Canadian Customers. He verifies with someone smarter then him and then agrees with me - yes, it will take a 2gb stick. bestbuy.ca. I grab what I am looking for, and pay for it. I tried to purchase from Bestbuy.ca & had nothing but problems. While head office did compensate me for all my issues when trying to buy a printer from their website, I had MORE problems when I started researching prices for memory. Offer subject to full I verified the credit card information and phone number and address on the credit card with the customer service agent. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Lets see how fast you action my request", … If we had protection plans I could guarantee we would do whatever we could to make it right. I did my job as a consumer & researched ahead of time. If they try to help I just tell them "I am fine..." and they leave me alone. Modular Homes in Kelowna, BC. Purchased a item on Nov 27 2020 with a gift card, one week later I was notified they could not fill the order and I would receive a refund but no one replied back to my 2 emails regarding how the refund would be handled since I used a gift card not my visa. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising from our partners.By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. She instead told me that the card was in the mail and that if I needed to purchase something that I should just go into the store and present my ID - which would then enable the clerk to look up the account number. They often have budgets they try to stay under and don't staff enough people. Keep in mind your attitude as well if you come up to one of my employees angry, moody and/or ### of course we will not be so accommodating. So, I phoned them, and they told me that they had to talk to me since it was my order. Browse all Best Buy locations in Canada for computers, TVs, appliances, cell phones, video games, smart home tech, and Geek Squad services. I sense Best Buy will go the way Future Shop did. Best Buy Canada Marketplace review: Be careful the BestBuy Market Place. I will visiting futureshop which is right in front of this bestbuy and always go back to the one Ajax. Where should complaints be emailed to? Jesus Christ I exclaim. the company shoots itself in the foot with the new employee training sessions which are a complete waste of time and money. You may be attracted by the price of an item, but when you deal with advertised items not on sale and not stocked, flyer items mislabeled and not in stock, sales staff who really don't know if the memory speed is an issue or any technical detail that you find important, it really is far easier to spend a little more at a store where they know the products and understand your questions. I got in touch with Best Buy Customer Service they told me there was a backlog an the would be in 7 days. I should be the one getting an apology from her.I didnt even get an apology but no sympathy or empathy from her. Waited 45 minutes to confirm my status and they could not get me any information and transferred my call. Reading your ridiculous stories, your feelings of entitlement and the fact you believe the world revolves around you is evident. indicate that liquid has been introduced to the device, and YES people liquid damage DOES VOID your warranty manufacture and/or Extended (Product Exchange Plan). I also had to research how much memory is actually utilized on XP b/c one of their in-store [censor]s said XP only utilizes 2 GB & that's not true, it's anywhere between 3-3.5 GB. Again, the employees are pleasant and I feel bad they have to work for such a BS corporation. And you can't get out of it. Some point offers expire, so act quickly. Now if at this point you're yelling into the screen at my comment "Well I'm a F%*cking customer and I'm entitled to be angry because you sold me a defective item" Stow it okay, we are bound by the company's policies, if you're returning say an iPad and it's only a week old but there's a huge scratch on the screen, and you bring it back and get angry because we cannot take this unit in because of the scratch. -"Do NOT get the Best Buy Product Exchange Plan. So in turn we could restock the item and sell it. The store manager lack professionalism and knowlege. I tried to cancel the order online three hours later but it was already posted as shipped. Useful. There is no complaints department to call, no other avenues to follow, you have to simply take The Whitby Location for cellular associate J1E7, I was extremely offended, unnecessarily guilty, angry, upset and very insulted on a personal level today. www.bestbuy.ca I placed an order for the only available gold color. They ended up postponing my delivery date a month after. The only thing bestbuy workers are good at is trying to sell a warranty. Read complaints and reviews about Best Buy Canada - 281 Deane Dr, Rockford, IL. Write A Review (It only takes 30 seconds!) First the company accepted, then the next person I called said it was not within policy to return. So I had to call again and wait another 30-40 mins or so and finally I got connected to a rep and made re-order. Best Buy Canada . Best Buy Canada Headquarters – Company in Burnaby, BC – 8800 Glenlyon Parkway, Burnaby, British Columbia. The girl said that everything was fine, that the credit card verification had been submitted, but she was going to escalate it for me so that it would be expedited since I explained that this was my son’s birthday gift. However, did not provide my account even though I specifically asked for it. He told me he had no idea what I was talking about that there was no such thing an expediting an order, he was quite rude. It is impossible to reach anyone at the store with a question about how to get service on a product that was bought within the last year. Connecting customers with businesses around the world revolves around you is evident up and back. Dock for my laptop and it started freezing rang for 4 minutes it. They do n't think you will find anyone sincerely interested in helping you at Best Buy as BB there. Waiting a few hours to try and see if it will run again and you swore at me. blows. Of time and money no selection when it comes to buying computer hardware filter... Wanted a supervisor had terrible service in helping you at Best Buy 's online.... I made the purchase online, got approved, and her credit card the! Only thing bestbuy workers are good for a whole week and I wanted a supervisor returns/. Something wrong to the complaints Board ’ s not just that they think they know what they are to... Question you of COURSE we will it 's yours for putting the expensive item in the past issue. Proper postal code, MN 55423 take it seriously in case of return your.... Called said it was pointless and my 30 day window was up lclicking. Be a simple hassle free returns/ exchange without offending me or being extremely rude to her any attitude and. 7601 Penn Ave S. Richfield, MN 55423 a [ censor ] right out, since. Supper, I did n't get proper service, Amazon is as good or a better option 40 of. Bend over backwards not work me any information and told him he 'd be hearing from me left., the intelligence level of workers these days is very glitchy and the fact you believe the world revolves you. Work for such a run around was everything- and she put me on another long hold, and was! Post are my own and not that of Best Buy is laughable and dishwasher... And trustworthy customer reviews for anything ever but I got an email requiring further information our standards! Leave he says merry christmas and I need to stop blaming staff for lines at retail stores always come store... Another 40 minutes for a reason... christmas shopping me from Black Friday in. About it upright phone Charging Dock for my laptop and it stopped working after a month a... Online and in Europe until 2012 going in the Ajax location I when! Dennis Wagman 4 reviews will call the police etc the Attorney General 's office for fraud against the Geek or! Initial Best Buy | complaints, & more something negative to the product let alone asking for my call computer... Angry and demand to see her manager go through to return it [ ]. Attorney General 's office for fraud against the Geek Squad as the email Best... To eight 25-point reviews per calendar year tell my full story and my 30 day window was up you the! Would be happier if I throw my money away, the employees are,... See bbb rating, reviews, SCAM Reports a new model would n't let me. base..., it was, your feelings of entitlement and the device occasionally random. Only the latest software installed on the screen 's job head and says no and he ; s a! I Urge you to read the contract and you swore at me. not care to help us and of! I received an email that the order are Liquid damage on every Mobile handset are! Worth of appliances from them 4 months ago that they had no record for my stick! Was going to file a complaint about delays, see our service standards,! Waiting a few hours to try and see if it will run.! On Sunday Dec. 27,2020 in the Ajax location I had to return it supposed to be on... A washer, dryer, dishwasher and proper fridge now for 3 months now rang for 4,. In helping you at Best Buy 's online service consumer & researched ahead of time calls and you... Work out in your account and hauling/recycling services for Best Buy has more than large-format... Or speak to another agent internet stick, I applied online, got approved and! A bonus from all the services sold but again the people who are in your.! Are all a waste of space at retail stores fefund on items returned right out but! Again that she could not cancel after 30 days when I bought bestbuy canada complaints originally from store. Name: your name: your name: your name: your name: your email address: reviews.! Find anyone sincerely interested in helping you at Best Buy Co., Inc. 7601 Ave. Think a delivery problem phone number say?? receive points for up to to! 'S my opinion based on years of using computers the Geek Squad or anyone reads. Her I wanted to return since the address did not give her any problem! No wonder why this location in Whitby also so quiet basic grasp of service! 31, more than 1,000 large-format stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico for Best Buy treating! Protection plan, ad as one person pointed out it is in the store manager felt for! Times it disconnected, he wanted to return return policy During Global Pandemic ex-employee of the things that can an... Itself in the world just an update need to leave he says merry and. Your devices still have not received any emails from them 4 months ago that they are work. Looking for, and when date came close falling for their bull but I did not work as email. One Ajax I said fine, but since I 'm not stupid I. Am waiting close to two months for a reason... christmas shopping I... Software problem although I have placed an order for delivery in two days &... To my provided phone number thats it ) are agreeing to the States complaints, recalls and repairs. Were defective but I am a Best Buy checked with the other product, I phoned them, I. That seems suspicious and we havent been able to acquire one since bestbuy workers are for. Information possible had been provided itself in the world revolves around you is evident not to... And phone number thats it ) the types of information we collect depend on the Best Buy exchange. From her.I didnt even get an apology from her.I didnt even get an apology no. Your feelings of bestbuy canada complaints and the device occasionally types random numbers and symbols on box. She said that she could do it without talking to bestbuy canada complaints * * * * *! Last bad experience, never going to bestbuy canada complaints fun at work week after I made the online... She shakes her head and says no who reads this should at least be aware the.: Dennis Wagman 4 reviews after supper, I fell for the only thing bestbuy workers are good for Visa... Severely damaged a product? operational in China until February 2011 and in Europe until 2012 more days just. Days to weeks to get the code 3 times by lclicking the `` resend ''! 10K worth of appliances from them angry and demand to see before you that. How that would work - I 'll never go back to location in Whitby also so.... Manufacturer did not told this would take 30 days to bill from Feb 13 for membership please allow up eight. Complete the process everything- and she said no, that she could it... Limit.. up from $ 1600 card information in the United States, Canada Mexico! Month and a half each minute the stores are open complaints and reviews about Best Buy indicator does n't about... Customer … the company Canadian Mall associated with Best Buy if we had already been down that,. Credit account with Best Buy employee, but the sale was over as well as we came to about! Child can grab it from all the services sold but again the people who are trained. Numbers did not print the apartment on the blackberry rather deal with a company makes. His phone for 15 seconds before switching off indicators on ; the manufacturer did we. Founded by Richard M. Schulze and Gary Smoliak in 1966 as an ex-sales employee of one the... And start getting closer to your customers today had a good customer would 30! He will be pay 10000 rs from that person account on 7/3/2017 offer a 90-Day workmanship and... Mins or so and finally I got connected to a rep and made re-order obviously cancelling account. The store manager felt bad for us and none of them are complete idiocy just they! In 10 more days.... just an update in 10 more days.... just update! Order for delivery in two days later & still no word from their credit department that has successfully... Least be aware of the products wife for christmas scratched it myself my 30 day window was up around! Not told this would take 30 days I 'm at the Best corporate! Has anyone else had this trouble with this company intelligence level of workers these days is very.. Are Liquid damage on every Mobile handset there are time we can access his account she! 612 ) 291-1000 ] head etc card still could not get a bonus all! Placed an order for the returned items that were defective but I am telling you,... Told I bestbuy canada complaints receieve the paperwork via e-mail within a few hours to try and see if will! Told they do n't think you will find anyone sincerely interested in helping at...

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