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what salary is considered middle class in canada

At the risk of over simplifying a very complex topic, your home costs are the biggest issue. Houses are so different to what we knew in SA, that it gave us a chance to get used to that, see what issues could arise, etc. Even when you look at the gap between the rich and the poor, things are better than they have been. At about $375,000, Specialist Physicians are the highest paid workers in Canada. Though economists don’t have a single definition for it, the term does indicate a group of people who stand in the middle of an income distribution. READ MORE: Alberta unemployment hits 9%, highest in 22 years. (on a side note it is lower in the evenings, so fill your tank at night). Besides, living here makes one appreciate what one had in SA. Everyone else falls in the middle. READ MORE: Average Canadians pay 42.5 per cent of their income in taxes: report. also remember to factor in your RSA monthly expenses that you will no longer have, expensive medical aid that doesn't even cover everything, maids and gardeners - do it your self and get a workout instead of joining a gym, maybe even sacrifice something when you get to canada - go easy on the TV cable at first (like DSTV), men can have nicely shaved heads - it saves on hairdresser bills, some things are cheaper and others are more costly (anything to do with labour, like hairdresser, maids), also, most homes (rentals too) come with all kitchen electricals like stove, dishwasher, fridge, Overall, I feel that there is a better standard of living in Toronto than in JHB. There are many ways of saving money here without sacrificing your std of living. Upper middle class: A family of 4 which can buy and maintain a car in the C2 segment such as … And yet, everyone — rich or poor — thinks they’re middle class. In rural or small outlier cities in Canada, a family income in the range of $85,000 to $130,000 puts you in the middle 60% band. Middle-class incomes in Alberta often cross the $100,000 mark, including in both Calgary and Edmonton. We don't eat out nearly as often as we did in SA because it is way more expensive. etc. Your downpayment has a huge impact too. If you are looking for a number then, according to Stats Canada, the average Canadian salary is around $45K p.a. My advice, which others gave me and did not apprevciate until we lived here for a couple of months, is Rent first. READ MORE: Do Trudeau’s tax changes really only hit the rich? Economists sometimes use median income to define the middle class. In Alberta its probably around $1.00 per litre or cheaper. Nirak on here lived in Winnipeg and she is a fantastic researcher. What we thought were deal breakers actually are not, once you get used to the Canadian Market. My lifestyle is comparable, bearing in mind I do not have a gardener or maid (a live in nanny can cost $2500) and a cleaner from $15 per hour. before buying! Based on Pew research using 2014 data, households making between $31,000 to $42,000 were considered lower-middle class, while three-person … Even though its one country, each province has its own laws and tax rates, etc. Real estate is your biggest asset and monthly expense. According to the Pew Research Center, middle class individuals earn between 67 and 200 percent of the median income. Here, the middle section of the middle class has incomes of between $70,000 and $102,000 — higher than in Toronto. But those two homes could differ by a few hundred thousand on price. There are certain things I still miss but we wouldn’t go back. Edmonton’s middle class needs to make at least six figures to afford properties like this two-storey penthouse in Edmonton’s Ultima Tower. If you are looking for a number then, according to Stats Canada, the average Canadian salary is around $45K p.a. Upload or insert images from URL. Canada’s Gini co-efficient, a key measure of income inequality, started rising in the 1990s, but levelled off in the 2000s. Gas price now in BC is around $1.34 per litre. 45. I also know ABSA and FNB corp bank managers who started as tellers here but worked their way back up to management. To me this needs to be taken into consideration when you talk about "middle class". So what does it take in Canada to be in the middle class?   You cannot paste images directly. Overall cost of living varies city to city plus one's definition of middle class. × The government is also making investments that will continue to improve the lives of Canadians and families. It is still WAY cheaper than what we would pay where we live now. In a major expensive urban centre like Vancouver or Toronto it would be a range of $110,000 to $180,000. Freddy, here youu need to downgrade before you can make it. Salary in Canada Find out what is the average salary for your position. Congratulations. Please if anybody knows what is the best way to get money out of SA and what I need to do not to be double taxed. There are many ways of saving money here without sacrificing your std of living. In Alberta its probably around $1.00 per litre or cheaper. Thanks again. etc. The share of riches going to those at the top of Canada’s income distribution had been growing larger until about a decade ago, but that trend seems to have peaked, Gordon told Global News. and Ontario. Standard of living remained about the same but we elected to live far from Toronto to access cheaper real estate and get more house for our money. In 2013, when Justin Trudeau was laying the groundwork for an electoral campaign pitch focused on helping average-income Canada, he took issue with the Liberals’ portrayal of a struggling middle class. Being in the top quintile took around $300,000, over twice the minimum of $131,000 it takes, on average, in Canada. And while middle-class wages have seen some growth in the past 10 years, that pales in comparison to what the top one per cent of wealthy Canadians has enjoyed, Milligan noted. © 2017 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc. Middle class incomes in cities across the country, WATCH: Here are several middle class incomes in cities across the country, according to Statistics Canada – Nov 6, 2017. For a single person in Toronto, Victor Fong told Daily Hive that the individual would need to make a gross salary of $102,000 or an after-tax income of about $74,000. So, a broad definition of the middle class in Canada (and BC) would include those with family incomes between $40,000 and $125,000. I 100% agree, Tracey! Here’s what it takes in Canada, based on where you live. When you measure the middle class in terms of the share of the population with incomes around the median, Canada’s middle-class ranks have held remarkably steady, he noted. Generally speaking, you would want to be on the right side of the graph with the group earning more than the median salary. What we have also found is that the whole "income/class" thing is not big here. Even among economists, it depends on who you ask. Only 23.7 percent of Manitobans are in fact middle-income earners with the remaining 38.5% of earners in the upper-middle to high-income quintiles. To tie in with what Jules was saying: Trev was working in Ottawa, and we live in Kemptville (at least for another 3 weeks ) It was 50km one way for him, and the house prices are 1/2 of what we can expect for a basic 4 bedroom house in very basic part of Ottawa. The gas industry is unregulated and different gas stations charge different prices and the prices fluctuate twice a day every day. Canada, in other words, is not America’s midwest. In general, many factory towns appear to … In all likelihood, you can thank public-sector unions for that, said Milligan. When the renovations are done, we would have 5 bedrooms, a school room, studio for my newborn photography etc. This can take up to 3 years or even more. $45K p.a. Once you have rented for a while, and visited people in their own homes, you will appreciate what ypu need in a Canadian house. My income has grown to be a good one over 8 years but we are a single income family so I still consider ourselves middle class. The cost of cars is also relatively much cheaper than in SA. Middle-class income in Canada has a salary range of $36,598 to $73,115 ** According to this Nanos Research study , most Canadians had widely varying views on what is considered middle-class, for example, 22% of Canadians believed that $150,000 in yearly income was required to make it into middle-class, whereas 18% believed $100,000 was sufficient, and 12% believed $50,000. Even though its one country, each province has its own laws and tax rates, etc. It is still close enough to Ottawa (1 hour) that we can enjoy the museums, the kids can go to AWANA, we can sign up for homeschool soccer, etc. In places like Ottawa and Regina, for example, median incomes weigh in at over $80,000, well above the national median, but to overshoot the middle class you need roughly $155,000 and $151,000 respectively. Congrats on the job. Obviously you have to weigh up things like insurance costs (way higher in Canada), education (cheaper especially if your kids were in private school), medical insurance (less in Canada), etc. 2-person family middle-class income range: $51,695.19 to $154,314 3-person family middle-class income range: $57,772.76 to $172,456 4-person family middle-class … Surveys have shown this over and over both in Canada and the U.S. It’s one reason why politicians love the word so much: When they say “middle class,” the vast majority of voters thinks it’s about them, even though it might not be. So when I asked the question yesterday was because the reality eventually done on me and I was just looking for every reasons to think that I am not making mistake. And that’s even though a soaring housing market has softened the blow in B.C. In SA, I would never have bought the house I have in Canada. For the same house. All the things we had on our want list, from an SA perspective are not in our house we bought. I earn an average salary and our kids go to a private school, play extra sport, and we have enough. But that masked the fact that they had taken a dive between the 1980s and the mid-1990s, only to then recoup most of the ground lost. I just resigned few minutes ago and it was quite an emotional thing for me. Including Thetford Mines, six of the 10 communities with Canada’s poorest middle class are located in Quebec, three in Ontario and one, Campbellton, in New Brunswick. For example, a typical middle class family of four will receive, on average, about $2,000 more each year, as a result of the middle class tax cut and the Canada Child Benefit. They have an in hand income of roughly 75000 a month. We trusted God and He came through for us. minimum salary of 12 lacs CTC before taxes. SACanada Forums WATCH: How the federal parties courted the middle class vote in the 2015 election. Do Trudeau’s tax changes really only hit the rich? “Ontario and Quebec and B.C. Want to discuss? It’s $3.13 million and comes with a Bentley. So Global News asked Statistics Canada to provide data showing the household income distribution in census metropolitan areas and census agglomerations across the country. Tax in Alberta is 5%. etc. Milligan, however, takes a dimmer view of the state of Canada’s middle class. By the Pew definition, in 2017, a household earning between $41,119 and $122,744 could be considered a middle-class household. Look I agree with everything said here am just guaging the job I have just been offered. Here it takes a fairly high income to be part of the middle class but reaching the top income group is relatively easy compared to many other parts of the country. Came to Toronto and got "lucky" in that I got a comparable job immediately. I just signed the offer now electronically. The median salary is 112,000 CAD per year, which means that half (50%) of the population are earning less than 112,000 CAD while the other half are earning more than 112,000 CAD. Inequality is higher than it was in the 1980s but doesn’t seem to be getting worse. When we looked at moving, Trev was willing to work for less than he thought he should earn, in order to get a foot in the door. Yet I love my home here. Emigration is 80% mental and 20% physical. Here's the income you'd have to earn each year to be considered middle class. Thanks for the pdf file....brief and detailed. We were comfortable but far from rich. Your response will be appreciated. Middle-class wages seemed to get out of their funk around the year 2000, Gordon told Global News. Firmly lodged in the middle of our income ranking are many of Canada’s capital cities. http://www.sacanada.org/topic/3761-what-about-our-money-in-south-africa/. “The Government of Canada defines the middle class using a broader set of characteristics than merely income,” Morneau said in the House on Jan. 30, 2017. Between January of that year and November of 2016, many in Alberta lost their jobs, as the unemployment rate nearly doubled to reach 9 per cent. Until you have been here and meet oither immigrants, equally qualified, you will rwalise how special and what a G-dsend it is to land with a job. Now that we are moving to Cardinal (another 20 minutes away from where we live now - he just started a new job there), we bought an "expensive" house for the area on 5 acres. has one of the lowest middle class thresholds. Depending on if you have kids or not, an $15/hr job for each of the adults can be a good start, (here in calgary). etc. Just the fact that you have a job waiting for you already puts you in a much better position than most other PR people, You won't be spending much needed money for abou 6 months whilst lOoking for work. sport (cricket, rugby, snooker), music (pop, rock, electronic), politics, conservation, astronomy, gardening, cooking, reading, music (classical), traveling, politics and history. the middle class is not the norm. Today, middle class families in Canada are finding it easier to make ends meet, thanks to more generous benefits and a middle class tax cut. Thanks Annied. Campbellton, N.B. Think of Canada as the E.U. Out of curiousity I want to ask the house what is the definition of middle class family in Canada in terms of salary? It took us a month of house hunting and frustration onm the part of our estate agent to realise that all the houses are the same. In Ontario, a household income of more than $80 000 was considered middle income and does not qualfy for grants Our household income is the same in Canada as in SA if we convert. Powered by Invision Community. What is considered a middle class family salary in Canada? To one working person spending $15 a day on coffee and lunch is normal and necessity - another sees it as a luxury. And during that time both upper and lower-income segments of the population have been growing at the expense of the middle class. Here’s what the middle class looks like across Canada: The data highlights “very big differences across the country,” said Kevin Milligan, professor of economics at the University of British Columbia. Average middle class life: 4 BR home (200 square meters), 2 cars and working as a manager at Old Mutual. According to a recent report by Fong and Partners Inc., the middle class lifestyle was common and available to many people 30 years ago, but today is only available to the top 10% economic class. Its not easy for everyone to start all over again but faith and determination will get you through. Even Windsor, Ont., where median incomes have dropped by over six per cent between 2005 and 2015, is nowhere near the bottom of our middle-class ranking. LISTEN: Money and consumer reporter Erica Alini joins Tasha Kheiriddin on AM640. In fact... it was probably a better job. Anyway thanks for your insight guys, I was looking at government grants for post-secondary education. WATCH: Are you feeling the middle class squeeze? The median salary is 126,000 CAD per year, which means that half (50%) of the population are earning less than 126,000 CAD while the other half are earning more than 126,000 CAD. Housing is so different. READ MORE: ‘Paradise Papers’ tax leak reveals the financial hideaways of the wealthy. The median represents the middle salary value. @so you are saying that chunk of ones income goes into real estate? Here, the middle section of the middle class has incomes of between $70,000 and $102,000 — higher than in Toronto. “Alberta and Newfoundland have done super well,” said Milligan. READ MORE: Over half of Canadians are $200 or less away from not being able to pay bills. With growing income inequality, it’s becoming harder and harder to think of a unified middle class experience. It might be good chatting to her. Gas price now in BC is around $1.34 per litre. Overall, communities at both ends of our ranking of middle-class incomes show just how important natural resources can be for local economies in Canada and what happens when things go bust for good, said Milligan. So change of plans I will be moving in September to resume a new job and start a new life. For what it's worth we were in Durbanville also. Compare Vancouver to a small East coast town: one could spend $40,000 a year (post tax dollars) on "average" housing and the other spends $12,000. The oil boom likely helped lift income measures at the national level, but the data also shows “how important the regional dimension is.”. Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich suggests that the middle class be defined as households making 50% more or less than the median, which would put the middle class in the $25,000–$75,000 income range, where there are about 50 million families.President Barack Obama said that the middle class is comprised of individuals who make less than $200,000 and couples who make less than $250,000. Runaway incomes at the top, he warned, “can play into the politics of things.”, “If you don’t have an income distribution where everyone is seeing the benefit of growth,” he warned, “you can end up with some pretty bad politics.”, Are you earning a middle-class income? (on a side note it is lower in the evenings, so fill your tank at night). According to a 2018 report from the Pew Research Center, about half of American adults live in "middle class" households. We are saving more and living in a house that costs 5x what we could have afforded in SA, yet is a quarter of the size. Don't have loads of extra cash for overseas holidays, etc, but they are not poor by any stretch of the imagination. But if you buy close to the city and you have a million dollar mortgage you'd need $200,000 a year! In BC it’s 12%. Most of the lowest paying jobs will simply pay the minimum wage of whatever region the job happens to be located in. Plus, the top group has seen bigger income gains, widening the income gap. It's a bit awkward discussion actual or personal salaries but I'd say if you lived within say 60km of Toronto you'd be ok on around $90,000 per year for middle class. Stephen Gordon, a professor of economics at Université Laval, believes that things, overall, are “not bad.”. BC is by far the most expensive province to live in because the taxes are higher and the price of petrol (called 'gas' here) is higher. If I moved to Alberta now, earning what I earn now, my disposable income would increase around 15%-20% because housing is also cheaper than in BC. But as everyone knows, $70,000 a year can be plenty — or not — depending on where you live. Besides, living here makes one appreciate what one had in SA. The median represents the middle salary value.   Your previous content has been restored. This income range spans substantial differences in standards of living and levels of economic security. So house in the market now and still waiting for passport from Pretoria. 2-person family middle-class income range: $32,516.44 to $97,064 3-person family middle-class income range: $34,916.38 to $104,228 4-person family middle-class income range: $43,106.46 to … 37.7 percent of families are earning less than what would be considered a middle-income. Likely, it depends on how old you are. Display as a link instead, × Adjusted for inflation, middle class incomes were lower in 2011 than they were in 1976, he acknowledged. The median household income reached $70,336 in 2015, according to the latest census data. Thus, to step over the national middle-class threshold of $48,500, a household in Jackson needs an income of only about $39,300, or 19.0% less than the national standard. Gathering from all what you have said we should better off than in SA eventually. That is the middle point of the national income ladder. The middle three groups, or quintiles, represent what you might call the middle class. There are certain things I still miss but we wouldn't go back. Our household income is the same in Canada as in SA if we convert. Please read our Commenting Policy first. For Canada, that means a person living alone would have an income of about $29,432 to $78,485, it says. Of course, since the data is from 2015, the census likely represents a snapshot of a resource boom that was just about to go bust.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Think of Canada as the E.U. I.e. A household income of just over $87,000, which wouldn’t have been enough to break into the middle class in Fort McMurray, is all it takes to reach the top income group in Thetford Mines, Que., a former asbestos mining town. In general, many factory towns appear to be faring better than Milligan expected. The difference is due to housing cost and the effect of high marginal income tax rates. looks very low compared to SA salaries but the economy and pricing is structured differently than in SA. StatsCan came up with local income rankings based on the 2016 census and sliced them up into five groups of equal size. Boy oh boy that's a tough one. Its all relative. If I moved to Alberta now, earning what I earn now, my disposable income would increase around 15%-20% because housing is also cheaper than in BC. Pointing to the Liberal government's middle-class tax cut, Gordon says while taxes did increase on the top 10 per cent of wage earners, the benefits to so-called middle-class … Freddy, I will be honest with you, most people I speak to don't come over and immediately live the same way they did in SA. Topping $100,000 things get pretty comfortable. So thrill and scared at the same time.........pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew what a feeling. Colorado. Generally speaking, you would want to be on the right side of the graph with the group earning more than the median salary. The report defines middle class as 75-to-200 per cent of the median income in each nation. We have friends where the husband is a janitor at a school, wife is a SAHM and they live quite well. Houses are EXPENSIVE, and it doesn't take long for most to be grateful that they are not as big, since you are responsible to clean it all yourself and do all the yard work. That’s far less than what the upper crust earns in many communities in Western Canada. Bottom line? Cost of living ranges incredibly depending on where you live. I am eternally grateful to God and thank you all for your candid advice. Thanks for this...found it quite interesting! READ MORE: Government employees taking more sick days than other Canadians: report. I am only being human where our greatest dilema is that we dont usually know how the story of our lives will end....but that is where comes in.   Pasted as rich text. Etc etc. Median income is the point at which half the families in a country earn more and … etc. @Traey22 I am really grateful for landing a job to be honest and all the glory have to be unto God. Since the median income for Canadian families (in 2010) was just less than $70,000, then making somewhere between $60,000 and $85,000 will plop you in …

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