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I don’t use the product you’re discussing, but I would have no issue vaping bottled e-liquid that’s even years old. If you we’re a smoker like me for years (8yrs) then this is the best option for getting a satisfying… Read more ». The Alto on the other hand, hits hard throughout the duration of the pod. Alto Golden Tobacco Pods - VUSE Created for use with the Alto Kit designed by VUSE, these vape pods will allow for a new level of convenience along with a complex, premium style flavor that can eradicate cravings quickly. The issue is that the magnets are really weak. Juul is pure doodoo compared to Vuse. Just drop a pod into the magnetic housing and take a drag. The beauty of devices like these is that they are easy to use. I love the Alto Rich pods the flavor is pure tobacco satisfying and rich, just exactly as if you were smoking your favorite cigarette. I used Juul for 3 days didn’t work for me not a good hit like vuse. This is not a charger to discard. The draw of the vape is automatic as well, which makes it almost impossible to mess with this device. The Alto battery has a capacity of 350 mAh, a built-in automatic draw and the pods hold 1.8 mL of juice and come in 4.5% nicotine. Choose from among four flavors: original, menthol, mixed-berry, and rich tobacco. We hope Vuse can get those issues worked out because the device is really satisfying when it’s working well. I bought the Alto Vuse and LOVE it. In contrast, the flavors of the Vuse Alto are in fact more assertive. Keep reading to find out! The Vuse Alto is decent pod mod that beginners and experienced users will appreciate. We strive to bring you the finest content on all things vaping. The FDA announced Jan. 2 that it will begin enforcing all Deeming Rule requirements immediately for prefilled pod- and cartridge-based vaping products in flavors other than tobacco and menthol. Package includes one Vuse Alto power unit, and magnetic USB charger. Share. It’s a lesser product. Great flavor & very smooth. Features long lasting 350mAh battery, magnetic connection to USB charger, vape while charging, smooth, consistent, and quiet draw. The Alto has a menu of four different flavors, and each flavor pack comes with two pods. I figured for that price point it’s hard not to give it a go and to like it. The Vype ePod is similar to the Alto Device, a device Vuse released somewhere in 2018 that is only available in the US. Now I bring people to vaping and bring vaping to people. Vuse Alto pods: $13.49 (for a pack of two pods). 3 months & it has helped me kick my cigarette habit almost completely (I still sneak one in every few days or so). Vuse alto pods are prefilled. It’s a small stick-style battery that powers drop-in pods that are prefilled with flavored e-liquid and nicotine. © Vaping Daily, All Rights Reserved, 2021. Facebook Twitter Pinterest linkedin Telegram. THE VERDICT~ I like the Vuse Alto. The fan module is not installed properly in the fan slot. It holds more juice and is cheaper than the Alto, but it has a lower nicotine strength. Don’t believe the hype about JUUL. That’s annoying, but to be fair, it happens with most pods on the market nowadays. This is not as much e-liquid capacity as other pods have, but their pods can several days with heavy vaping. The world of Vuse Alto flavors is getting bigger and better and today we will explore what the new hype is about. Users should have no issues with the pod and battery coming apart accidentally. On top of that, the hit on the Alto doesn’t seem to taper off either. , I reallyyyy enjoy the Vuse Alto. Cover your Vuse Alto with a beautiful, stylish decal skin and keep it protected at the same time! These types of devices are called pod vapes or beginner vapes. Thanks for subscribing to our mailing list, Ergonomically designed & comfortable to hold, The light fades out when the drag is complete, Vuse Alto blinking green needs to be recharged, Green light turns off when charge is complete, Ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold. After it is put back together, it will leak, and the leakage could damage the battery. That is not far from the truth because it has a lot of features and specifications that make it a better device in some areas. With Vuse Alto, you can choose between velvety-smooth Golden Tobacco, deeply-nuanced Rich Tobacco, and crisp, refreshing Menthol, available in 1.8%, 2.4%, and 5% nicotine levels. When I smoked cigs I smoked reds but I got used to the menthol pod. Just got the same a deal at a Murphys gas station in Sanford NC. The Alto has no on/off button, because the draw is automatic. Vuse Alto Replacement Pods quantity. My question, and concern, is regarding wether or not the refill pods expire. The pod mod is draw activated, so you will not have to worry about pressing down on any huge obnoxious buttons. The Vuse Alto is a slightly larger device than Juul, which is shorter and narrower. Either bizarrely defective batteries or planned deception for profit. It is a unit because the tanks hold 2 ml of liquid and last two weeks. It’s also a bit curvy, making it very comfortable on the lips—in fact, this may be the most comfortable mouthpiece we have encountered on a beginner vape to date. The Juul is the device to which the Vuse Alto is most often compared. Shop our range of VUSE Alto Pods Golden Tobacco at Ziip Stock®. Note: to get a kit that has everything you need (including a flavor pack), be sure to buy the Complete Kit and not the Power Unit. Most of us testing the Vuse Alto like at least two of the flavors. I’m a Marlboro red smoker 43 years.The Vuse alto would work but I’m having a major problem.3 out of 4 pods leaked the liquid into my mouth when I would take a draw.Its disgusting.Are you or anyone else having problems with leaking pods ?I’m ready to go back to Marlboro full time. Even if it’s heavier than the JUUL, the Vuse Alto is a very lightweight device that’s barely noticeable in a pocket. What do you think of this vape mod? The Vuse Alto Pod System Review: A Better Device Than The JUUL? I still think the Glas Closed Pod system (see my other review of that) is top of the market overall, but the Alto is a good backup (esp. The Vuse Alto has a draw that’s tight like a cigarette, and even tighter than the JUUL. Write a Review Vuse Alto Pods - Menthol 5.0% (Pack of 2) Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) With a pod attached, the Alto weighs about 22 grams. Please try again later. Please let us know by commenting below. Draw activated, all the Alto needs is a pod snapped into place and it's ready to vape! But, interestingly, we like the flavors more in the Vuse Vibe. It is a relatively inexpensive, draw-activated device that beginner and on-the-go vapers should find suitable for their needs. Available device colors gold, red, rose gold, silver, s People try to hack non-refillable pods because they think they are saving money, but doing this is not necessary for the Alto pod vape. It uses QuietDraw™ technology that makes for noise-free drags every time it is used. New Pod Vape MOTI — Familiar Design, New Performance Level? VUSE PRODUCTS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR USE BY: persons who are not adults; persons who are under the legal age to purchase vaping products; persons who are allergic/sensitive to nicotine; pregnant or breast-feeding women; persons who have been advised to avoid using tobacco or … Final Thoughts about the Vuse Alto. Let us know about your experience in the comments section. If you are experiencing poor performance with your pods or Alto in general, call: 1-800-614-VUSE. All of the Alto Pods by VUSE are … The Alto also features an intelligent auto draw system that gives a consistent draw every single time and eliminate the need for a clunky button. Vuse should consider adding a few more flavors to the arsenal. The pods are powered by a 350 mah battery that should last for at least a day. The Juul has .07 ml pods that can last for around 200 or so puffs, and it has a 200 mah battery. The Vuse Alto takes 1.8ml Alto Pod that contain 5.0% nicotine by weight and come in 4 flavors: Original, Menthol, Mixed Berry, Rich Tobacco. Also, the company will not return the money if they find that the device and its pods have been used improperly. If you like the idea of berries without the typical sweetness in e-juice, you are probably going to like this one. Another thing that makes this unit worth purchasing is that it uses an amazingly robust battery that guarantees an entire day’s use. Vapor Production and Performance: Vapor production is amazingly on the upper side of the gauge when compared to other cig-a-like units.Of course, if you compare it with an Ego kit or a mod, you will be disappointed.A normal 3-5 second inhale on the Vuse gives a great amount of vapor that takes this e-cig apart from others within the same price range. It feels like holding a black and mild and it costs $19.99 while the tanks go for $9.99. The pods are excellent, and they last a long time, but it would be nice if Vuse could create a pod that held two to three milliliters of e-juice. There are a few disadvantages to using this device, too. Original: A fairly standard cigarette-style flavor. This device has a slender and sleek look similar to Juul. Whenever the user takes a draw, he or she will hear no whistling, bubbling, or popping noises. The difference is pretty minimal, measured in millimeters, and you would have to be awfully pressed for space for this to influence your decision on which of these pod systems to buy. Their pods are not that expensive. The Alto battery has a capacity of 350 mAh, a built-in automatic draw and the pods hold 1.8 mL of juice and come in 4.5% nicotine. Vuse Alto pods have 1.8 mL e-liquid capacity. Vuse Alto Power Unit: $24.99 (at Vapor4Life) We’ve contacted the Vuse call center (as customers, not reviewers) and gotten our bad pods replaced free of charge. The Alto battery should arrive to you charged. We do still recommend the Vuse Alto, but it comes with the caveat that you may have consistency issues with the pods. After a month of listening to other’s hype about the competitor I decided to give said competitor a whirl. On the flipside, we each have a couple of flavors that we don’t particularly care for. Yes, we know how popular the Vuse Alto … Enjoy the perfect puff every time with the Alto pod mod by Vuse, a pod mod with pre-filled pods that make vaping a breeze. One flavor pack contains 2 pods. Most commonly, consumers tend to contact Vuse Vapor to ask questions about: Product/ Service, Payments and Charges, Request for Information. Every draw is fully satisfying and the pods are longer lasting for me, you get what you want from each draw and the draws keep coming until the pod is completely empty. As we found in our deep-dive comparison, Juul versus Vuse Alto, it was also arguably the superior product. My way of understanding the significance of vaping came not only through the disruption of smoking but its effects on society as a whole. Two thumbs up on the hit. As of right now I am not disappointed at all. There was no real consensus on our least favorites, but Rich Tobacco and Mixed Berry came up a few times for best. The one difference between bottled e-liquid and pods is that the metal coil may be soaking in the liquid while the pod sits on the shelf, so some metals could leach into the mix. We actually like the subtle aroma, but this may be something to consider if you’ll be using the Alto around others. And yes, way better than the Juul. Congratulations on getting away from the cigarette: one of the most PROLIFIC killers of mankind. Before i used this particular brand i was smoking 1 to 1and1/2 packs of cigarettes a day for over 44years. Vuse Alto Pod System Review. I’ve been using the vuse pod for about 4 months . Its noiseless operation makes it great for vaping discreetly, and its rounded edges allow the user to do so comfortably and conveniently. I love using new gear, writing in-depth reviews and generally nerding out about vaping to like-minded people. Overall, Vuse Alto delivers a superior device, that looks and feels sleek and high quality when compared to the Juul. It charges quickly, under one hour to be precise, and the charging cord is long enough for it to be vaped while it is charging. I love my Alto Vuse. I also wish there were more flavors. The pods hold to the battery very well thanks to the magnetic connection, and it is easy to separate. Be the first to review “VUSE ALTO PODS GOLDEN TOBACCO” Cancel reply. If you do, you will have to purchase a new one through Vuse. Be the first to review “Vuse Alto Replacement Pods” Cancel reply. So rather than having just Vype Canada and Vype US, every vaper in any one of the EU countries can get to enjoy the Vype with the Vype ePod device. The full charge takes about 70 to 80 minutes. No PMTAs have been approved for vaping products yet. Unfortunately, this all they have to offer. Getting started with the Vuse Alto requires more work to open the package than to get started vaping. The Vuse Vibe is a draw activated device that is good for those who are looking for a portable and affordable vape. They are both pod systems that are easy to use, but the Alto has several advantages. Prices: Refilling the Vuse Alto is not recommended. But does that mean that the Alto is average? That’s why, after factoring in all of its pluses and even its one minus, we consider the Vuse Vibe to be a good buy. It uses QuietDraw™ technology that makes for noise-free drags every time it is used. The Alto looks and functions like many other pods on the market. It uses a proprietary charger. I’m a menthol smoker, but the menthol pods are way too strong (I think it’s the icy finish mentioned above), and I prefer the original. The Vuse Alto’s charge time is faster, it is cheaper, it has longer-lasting pods, a more powerful battery, and smoother edges, but one area where the Juul excels is in the flavor department.

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