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folgunthur door puzzle

D0m1n1c_5 9 years ago #7. How do I proceed through Folgunthur? I've cleared the place of enemies, collected all significant loot I found, flipped every switch I found, but I'm still stuck. On the table is a filled random soul gem and flanking the table two burial urns. Halfway through the area is a corridor blocked by a series of four metal gates preceded by four levers, two on each wall of the corridor. The Ivory Claw door is opened with the combination that appears on the claw itself: eagle, eagle and then dragon, from outermost circle inwards. Inside the Folgunthur crypt, draugrs rise from their coffins, including Mikrul Gauldurson, who is stronger than the rest. All three Gauldur Fragments and the Ivory Dragon Claw from Folgunthurare needed to gain entrance. Milly man 9 years ago #1. The discussion continues after this sponsored message. GamerTag : Insufferable. How do you get past the room were there is a spiral stair case on the floor but it is shut by a metal gate? If the "Forbidden Legend" quest is not active, his copy of Lost Legends can be read to start the quest. Beyond lies the exit to the next area. $17.99 $ 17. 4.2 out of 5 stars 22. This is the view if standing against the wall without a door. The pillars in the left-hand room must be rotated so that they mirror the pillars in the right-hand room: eagle, whale and snake, from left to right (counter-clockwise). Several functions may not work. The puzzle door combination can be found on the underside of its corresponding claw. How do I solve the ivory claw puzzle door? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcO05SuHZywMost Popular Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHj51KbkUMMUseful tip all Skyrim players must know! What I mean is that the claw won't even activate and go in the damn key keyhole. To open all gates pull the first left-hand and second right-hand levers (the puzzle is reset when all levers are pointing down). The note on the pedestal hints of a gruesome trial ahead. The ruins have two interior zones: Folgunthur and Folgunthur Crypt, which houses the tomb of Mikrul Gauldurson. 1 of 5 Provo City Fire Marshall Lynn Schofield, second from right, continues work inspecting the remains of the Provo Tabernacle, Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2011, in Provo, Utah. eagle, eagle and then dragon, from outermost circle inwards, This is not recommended for shared computers. I'm in Folgunthur where there are 2 levers in the left and 2 in the right that control 4 gates, but in my game it doesn't have solution. Enter Maelmoth's Mysterium and read Maelmoth's Marvelous Masterpiece. Folgunthur lever puzzle without solution ... IIRC, levers do not open or close doors in that puzzle. The combination of that is Hawk, Hawk, Dragon. There are a lot of puzzles in that tomb, so if that isn't the one, just post saying which puzzle you are at. The ruins have two interior zones: Folgunthur and Folgunthur Crypt, which houses the tomb of Mikrul Gauldurson. To the left of the table is also stone bowl containing a large coin purse. Or you can ignore my advice as David beats me to the post. Problem in Folgunthur [edit source]. This one is opened using the ivory dragon claw found in Folgunthur during the quest, and the correct combination is Hawk—Hawk—Dragon. Levers change the state of one or more doors in that puzzle: for instance, if lever (a) governs doors number 2 and 3 it will open any one of those doors that are closed, and close any of those two doors that are open. Puzzle Doors. I have completed the Folgunthur section of Forbidden Legend and on my way out I discovered the gate leading to the entrance WILL NOT OPEN.Let me clarify, if coming into Folgunthur it is the first gate that will not open. How to solve all 3 puzzles in Folgunthur! How to solve all 3 puzzles in Folgunthur! In the next chamber, the pillar puzzle has also been solved already. * User Info: Milly man. Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle - Smoky Mountain National Park - 500 Piece. Warn Narsis against touching the bottle, or not. The area in front of the entrance is covered, with a stone table to the left of the door. The last gate before entering Folgunthur Crypt, is locked by a large, round stone-door. eagle, whale and snake, from left to right (counter-clockwise). It seems however, that the claw has already been used and the door opened, most likely by Daynas. Tired of seeing advertisements? where does one find … On the way in, the Emerald Dragon Claw is available from the pedestal with the note next to the dead adventurer. Each lever opens or closes one or more of the gates. If you're talking about the claw puzzle, all you need to do is view the claw in your inventory and you will see the right pattern. In the right-hand room (when facing the thrones) are three pillars showing three different symbols: snake, whale and eagle, from left to right (counter-clockwise). Don't forget to use the Ivory Dragon Claw to open the hidden room with a chest in the room towards the entrance of Folgunthur. ichigo_1984 - 9 years ago. I have a serious problem, I am stuck inside Folgunthur. The entrance leads into a passage flanked by large … The 4 rotating pillars the start of Folgunthur *spoilers? Follow my walkthrough to easily pass all three puzzles.If this helped you, be sure to LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE! Are you talking about the Ivory Claw door? I'm supposed to find an item, but the room with the rotating wall (opens one door either left or right) is a dead end. The solution is a mirror image of the order you saw them in earlier. This site is not affiliated with ZeniMax Media Inc. or any of its subsidiaries. Where no records exist, legends and folk tales offer us a key to the past, a way to piece together truths half-remembered in the minds of men.\"The easiest way to uncover one of the best-kept secrets in Skyrim is to locate and read the book Lost Legends for a bit of guesswork o… And then activate the door to open it. Then use the Ivory Claw to open it. Check the table beyond for goodies and proceed into the Folgunthur Crypt . There is also a s… :)Also, check out some of my other videos...Geirmund's Hall Puzzle (You will need this for the next part of the Forbidden Legend quest!) Follow my walkthrough to easily pass all three puzzles.If this helped you, be sure to LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkKRqnIDtFIHidden Goodies ;) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2_jFrwLI3s\u0026list=PLF3I8raJ5ENRjWDVTdfdBjg00u0KKxq1IThanks alot for watching, and make sure you LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE for loads more Skyrim Vids! Most dragon claws are found in ancient Nordic dungeons, and will open at least one puzzle door in that dungeon. Go to Sabre Cat's Leap and solve the final puzzle. I'm stuck here at the door i use the ivory claw on has a wolf an eagle i guess what looks like a dragon every time its incorrect i get flames blown at me what the right combo here????? GT :) Enter Folgunthur. There is a DRAGONCLAW door up ahead, so check out the claw in your possession and make the door match this: Now activate the door to continue. The quest Forbidden Legend leads the Dragonborn there. Much has been lost, fallen to the ravages of war or the turning of the ages. The crypt is, of course, just plain massive. To the side of each throne is a door (one of which is open) and a lever; the levers close whichever door is open, and open the closed door. Folgunthur Daynas Valen's camp outside the ruin Folgunthur is a Nordic ruin located on the other side of the Karth River from Solitude, between the city and Ustengrav. You currently have javascript disabled. Check the table beyond for goodies and proceed into the Folgunthur Crypt. To open the gate simply spin the stones in order until they are showing Hawk-Whale-Snake-Whale, and the door will open. Zooming in on the claw in the Miscellaneous category of the Items menu will make the solution easier to see. After you have killed them, make the rings on the door match this: - TOP RING: EAGLE - MIDDLE RING: EAGLE - BOTTOM RING: DRAGON. Head down, past the bodies of a Draugr and some adventurer. Go to Kyne's Shrine and solve the puzzle there. Each claw is unique. Just … Unlike the last puzzle, the engravings on the claw are not the solution. Each lever opens or closes one or more of the gates. Instead, look back throughout the tomb for images of the animals depicted on each stone. \"The history of Skyrim is vast, predating even the most ancient records of man and mer. User Info: D0m1n1c_5. After slaying him, search the body for the Gauldur Amulet Fragment . It is inhabited by a few draugr, contains a door which requires the Ivory Dragon Claw to open and Mikrul Gauldurson as the boss. Folgunthur last door; User Info: NickB00. Upon opening the door, you will see that it in fact opens a series of four similar doors in a row. … 99 $19.99 $19.99 But nothing is ever truly forgotten. Solution to the Folgunthur Pillar Puzzle in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Forbidden Legend-Folgunthur-Claw Door Hi all, I couldn't seem to find anything on the web about this but I cannot get the claw/ring door to open.

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