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How to choose the toilet seat

How to choose the toilet seat

If we are dealing with new sanitary fixtures, the choice of the seat involves a certain amount of effort; if it is to replace an old seat, the operation requires even more attention. Let’s analyze the two cases. Or you can just check the https://sanitaryreview.com/ for best toilet seats.

Choice of toilet seat on new sanitary fixtures

If we are in the process of purchasing new sanitary fixtures, when we will be dealing with the choice of the toilet seat it is better to check its characteristics:

Generally speaking, it is preferable to buy the original seat proposed by the toilet manufacturer, because although it costs something more, it offers greater guarantees of durability and is better suited to the toilet than the one that is not.

If possible, it is better to choose a thermosetting seat than a seat with a wooden core (chipboard or mdf) covered with acrylic. The one made entirely of plastic material in addition to being much more durable, is certainly more beautiful and elegant, especially if slim (ultra-thin and enveloping).

Check that the hinges are in stainless steel and not in zamak or other more delicate materials and / or attacked by rust.

Many companies propose both the normal and slow closing version. The latter protects the seat from occasional breakage. Some models have quick release, which greatly facilitates normal cleaning operations.

When we have to replace an old seat

One thing to avoid is to choose a universal seat. Just take a look at the shelves of any shopping mall that handles these items, to understand that there are so many sizes, shapes and attachments of existing seats. Although universal seats seem to fit all models (as their multiple-attach hinges actually cover the wheelbases of many seats) the standard shape doesn’t fit so well and, apart from not looking good, it tends to move easily and consequently break very easily.

The importance of the name

Even if the seat is very old or has even gone out of production, if we could remember its name and the manufacturer (maybe finding the old purchase invoice), we can try to ask our trusted supplier (or send an email to bathhouse!) if he can find us the corresponding model. There are manufacturers of seats that continue to produce items as old as thirty years.

In that case it is better to specify the model of the screws (traditional or expansion) and the year of purchase. Very useful information in case the parent company had produced more models with the same name.

What to do in the absence of the precise name

If we do not have this data or if unfortunately our model is not available, we can take paper and pencil, take the shape of the seat and report all useful measurements:

  • Spacing of the hinges;
  • Length;
  • Width.

At this point we can take it to the wholesaler and hope that he can find us an adaptable model.

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