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I don’t know if your feet are on the ground or you usually hover a few centimetres above it, but a good floor is always useful. Anyway, not only to walk;). Demolition continues in the apartment for rent, but this does not prevent the designer from looking for suitable finishing materials.

It seems that we usually choose wooden floors or laminate floor panels, so it’s worth knowing a little more about them. Wooden is certainly a more expensive and more luxurious solution, but are they completely flawless? Two- and three-layer wooden floors dominate the market. The construction of this covering consists of layers of wood arranged perpendicular to each other. The middle part is the thickest, while the bottom part – the so-called backpressure, usually has the same thickness as the outer one we walk on. The accepted standard for thickness around the world is 13-15mm, but there are of course deviations. If the topic interests you deeper.

Undeniably, wood is a noble, unique floor, but soft – and this can certainly be a disadvantage. Regardless of whether it will be a national birch or an exotic considered hardwood – these are always just differences in laboratory tests. The wooden floor is simply soft and we must be aware of it when deciding on it. Regardless of whether it will be finished with oil or varnish, we must reckon with changes in its appearance during use.

Put it and forget it

This was the principle that guided the creators of the laminate floor panel – it was to be a maintenance-free floor. Of course, the price war did its job, which means you can’t count on durability for panels for 30 or even 50 zlotys. If we are considering the location of the panels, there is usually a doubt that this is something artificial compared to a wooden floor. Nothing could be more wrong. The laminated panel consists of approx. 95% natural raw material, just like in the case of … a wooden board (the rest is glue, varnish or oil). Hence, saying about a laminated panel that it is artificial is not true.

Referring to the first sentence

If you move around your home floors so that your feet (or other body parts) touch them, some knowledge about abrasion classes and usability will be useful.

Most of the floors we find in homes and apartments have the colours of natural wood – brown, beige and grey are under our feet. But have you ever considered coloured panels? Since we are so eager to choose colours for the walls, why not have a little fantasy also in the case of the floor.

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