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Practical tips for renovating a house or apartment



You need to learn how to renovate, gain experience and knowledge. But usually we – ordinary Poles and Poles, learn from our mistakes, not being able to use this knowledge later because we renovate once every few / several years. Rafal (like many and many of us) approached his renovation like a real ambitious Pole – “I can’t do it ?!” Well … Surely finishing his home would be cheaper and would last less if he immediately found a professional construction team and had a professional interior designer.

later, he could look for a team that would implement the assumptions instead of focusing on correcting his own bad decisions and mistakes of previous builders. Fortunately, all’s well that ends well. Therefore, those who are just planning a renovation, Rafal and Ania would advise you to wait even a little longer – a good team sometimes waits up to 3 to 6 months, but give the finished home in good hands. Otherwise, you will finish yourself and your credit cards.

How do you get to know a good construction team, according to Ania and Rafal:

  1. They are always prepared (for inspection before renovation they will come with the necessary equipment to measure everything).
  2. They do not throw quotas on so-called an eye, because by the eye (as our grandmothers used to say) a peasant in a hospital is lying. They will price each stage of work and each interior separately. Thanks to this, the investor knows what he should possibly give up at this stage of renovation, e.g. due to the limited budget. In the case of Rafal, on the so-called, later the fireplace was postponed.
  3. A good team knows themselves that they should protect the interior from damage, and clean up after themselves. Thanks to this, you will remember her even nicer.
  4. A good construction team is sober (literally and figuratively) thinking, because he is on the repair battlefield and he should verify the plans of the architect (in the endpaper will accept everything).
  5. Real professionals, realizing that the investor is a doctor, teachers themselves will propose and more importantly consult things that he did not foresee. For example, they suggest that a bathtub needs two inspection holes – one for the faucet, the other for the siphon.
  6. They will share their experience with Rafal themselves. On the ground floor, more exploited, eventually scratch-resistant oak instead of ash.
  7. Also, a good team is one who is positive about tasks and solutions to problems, looking for results.
  8. An experienced specialist will always be cautious about the work is done by his predecessor. Hence, our Investor could not do without reinstalling toilets – fortunately. If not for this, the end of bathroom renovation would begin another, associated with flooding …
  9. The head of the renovation team, apart from being timely, is also a realist. I do not promise to renovate in the time expected by the investor, only in real-time. Besides the planning always take into account (to quote Mr Maciej) “leszczynski” or renovation work, which an investor always ordered at the end of the renovation, on the principle: “Please do have it … and yet it ‘
  10. And the last commandment of a decent construction team: he renovates as he would renovate for himself.

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