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Of course, we are talking about sofas that have been used upholstery, but regret to throw away, incomplete sets and other collections collected over the years, and transferred to the plot by the principle “will be useful.” As for the house on the lake of our heroine, there is no place for all these, and of all this description only one thing agrees – this charming place on earth – has a unique atmosphere, due to the surroundings, but above all the owners who created Anio.

We were able to see a family, multi-generational and democratic choice of chemistry colour to protect the wood. The matter was difficult because uncompromising in terms of quality, Iza dreamed that the balls that make up the house would never change colour and were always bright. On this occasion, she told us, and we now tell you, although we usually keep secrets, that when building a house by the lake, highlanders remembered that highlanders’ houses do not darken … Highlanders gather in the summer in a group of women and scrub the wood with brushes with soap and water. Given the unique hospitality of Iza and Piotr, they certainly wouldn’t complain about the lack of volunteers. We would write there for such an action. Nevertheless, the professional decision of Remmers Azure was not an easy decision, which house has been secured. The agent is to protect the wood against moisture, UV rays, rot and blue stain and mould. Bearing in mind the surface to be painted, it is not surprising that the investors’ decision fell on the premium 3in1 middle class (azure, impregnation and primer).
We found out that the hosts attach importance to details at the stage of the decision-making process of choosing door handles, which even had to be tried on stylish Zakopane doors. As a reminder, these were the Zam Kuchinox door handles mounted unusually, because in the interiors. It is no wonder that this renovation falls under the category Fri. never-ending a story, since each element must be thought out, tried on and there is no question of temporary solutions. It’s not about quality itself, but also about creating unconventional space. The owners’ imagination is rich enough to combine modern and rustic technology with retro. The best proof of this is the bathroom, for which the WOW applause effect belongs to the architect Ola Wies.

It is said that when there are a kitchen and bathroom, it is possible to live, and the most difficult and cost-intensive rooms behind us. The momentum with which the bathroom has been arranged arouses delight and probably jealousy. Surveys show that Polish women even dream of free-standing bathtubs, known from advertisements for colourful magazines, and which usually due to the small size of bathrooms remain in the wishful wishes, because if you want to put them in your home you would have to do it in the living room because of the lack of a bathing salon In addition to the beautiful Excellent brand bathtub complemented with a free-standing floor mixer (note: the cost of the battery itself is about PLN 2,000), the fact that the Deante concealed shower fittings are noteworthy, which harmonizes nicely with the delicate colours of the whole wooden bathroom. An additional luxury that hardly anyone can afford is a bidet. And of course, there would be no wonder in these solutions, after all, we know them from minimalist hotel designs, if not for the aesthetic result that combines modern fittings with a bathroom made of natural wooden logs. At the stage of discussing the project, one could say “it will not work”, and yet as you can see the effect is remarkable and brave as Iza herself.

She threw us on her knees, not to say that the upper bathroom, according to the design mentioned above, knocked us down, and perfected by Iza with details that we show so that you can inspire and enjoy your eyes even if you do not have such an area. We, however, with the Investor that during the realization of her great dreams of a beautiful house on the lake a la “Never in Life”, which was supposed to be an additional motivation in the fight against the disease, she would find time to relax in this home SPA between arranging one and in the other room Angel. We are convinced that this refurbishment never-ending story will have more than just refurbishment happy end.

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