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Practical tips for renovating a house or apartment



Especially since some formal issues caused in my renovation a complete reversal of the concept of the appearance of the new bathroom. There should be one larger and more functional room of the two – and it will stay the old way.

The regulations say that works such as the reconstruction of partition walls, bathroom arrangement in another place require notification of works to the competent authority. This immediately confuses us – what is allowed and what is not. Therefore, before we start any work in our apartment, it is worth checking the regulations of the community/cooperative to which we are members. If we are not sure how to qualify the works that we plan to do in the apartment, you can submit the proposed works in the starosty, but also postpone the start of changes in the premises by 30 days.

I know that a lot of people, even if they are aware that some work should be reported – it does not. I suspect that in a situation of cooperation with good professionals – an architect and contractor, there will be no drama of the quality of the work. If you also have sensible, forgiving neighbours – they will not drill through the offices what and where is moved, moved or even removed from the apartment. Unfortunately, I did not want to lose the contractor’s deadline, so I gave up the demolition and did not risk reconstruction without notification. It would be risky, especially with a big dislike of me from the bottom down neighbour.

From the formalities I have made, I can mention:

  • notification to the Housing Community that it will be undergoing renovation in lazianka
  • request for permission to replace the central heating radiator (here you need to call the administration to drain the water from the riser, which costs PlN 100)
  • agreement with the administration of re-sealing the meters after moving them above the Geberit rack (I was not allowed to move the meters to the cabinet under the kitchen sink – I could only do it vertically up)
  • information on the staircase board that the apartment number … will be undergoing renovation

My renovation is in the early stages, so there are probably many “adventures” ahead of me. But today I can recommend a kind and friendly contact with the administration of the block (whether within the community or cooperative). It will help a lot. And of course, peace and certainty are added by cooperation with a clever contractor and e.g. a designer. It was the architect who suggested that there were no properly completed formalities. And because renovation (despite financial and organizational effort) should make us happy and not worry and stress whether we will be punished – it is better to write a few letters more than one too little.

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