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People have different motivations to build a house. Some make their dreams come true, others have to, others just work out. And for some, it is a medicine for evil, illness and motivation to survive difficult times.

of Judith, whose day by day the world turns upside down, which loses the peace of everyday life. The story of a woman who decides to fight for herself and therefore builds a house.
There was Judith, here Iza will be there, there were perturbations in marriage, here – an unexpected illness. There and here – determination, courage, following dreams
We met Iza by chance about two years ago, probably in late autumn. She invited me and the facility where I work daily to cooperate in a great charity auction for my cancer friend who needed funds for a non-refundable medicine. She abducted not only me but half of the city, poviat and a large part of the province.

We started to see each other more often because Iza is a beast with great craftsmanship – she came to us for decoupage, ceramics and carpentry for ladies. And just then I began to meet her not only as a nice, empathetic woman in mega cool tunics.

A beautiful place and a beautiful wooden highlander’s house, built without a nail by builders
from Podhale. The house, which was supposed to be just a not very impressive wooden house on the plot. And all in all, from the highlanders’ perspective it was – they are building bigger ones. But

from a copra perspective, it is a mega wall cottage, whose construction is a bit of a comedy, a bit of drama and a bit of documentary. I hope that I can show at least a bit of the atmosphere of this way of fulfilling Iza’s dream.

You probably wonder why I started with Judith and Never in Life. Because she was the inspiration for Iza. It was her movie house made of logs that gave our heroine the idea that she must recover because she must build such a house. The house, which is still not finished turnkey – is already charming, full of people and some magic.
And it smells good. It smells so wonderful with wood…

“Aniolowo” is surrounded by meadows and forests of Greater Poland, on the pristine and peaceful Dolskie Wielkie lake. We spent a blog team there one weekend and we already know that we will dream of the next invitation.

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