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How a snowplow can be made from a tractor

How a snowplow can be made from a tractor

Diagram of snowploughs for the motor block.

The fact is that for a motorcycle block you can adapt any device that works perfectly together with a powerful engine. For example, with this technique, you can create a snowplough in winter. As you know, throwing snow away with a shovel is quite problematic, and it makes no sense to call it a special snowplough.

Why not adapt your retractable tractor in the garage like a snowplough? His skills will be enough to act as an active snowplough and perfectly clean the area adjacent to the house from the snow. Such a snowplough will be a great help in winter, especially if there is a lot of snow in the yard.

Pattern nozzles for snow removal.

Answering a question on how to make a snowplough, many might say that the corresponding nozzles can always be purchased in a specialist shop. But this solution cannot be called optimal since many owners prefer not to spend money on something that can be done independently.

First of all, when you create a snowplough, you should decide on all the nozzles you need. In particular, you can adapt the following:

  • rigid rotary brushes;
  • Suspended snow shovel, equipped with knives;
  • Rotating snow collector.

Snow removal with hard rotating brushes

The snowplough can be adapted to the walker in the form of rigid rotary brushes, designed for cleaning small amounts of snow and for simple removal of the slope. It should be noted that they are only suitable if the snow is soft. They are perfect and when it is necessary to eliminate any decorative element that does not tolerate strong impacts. It must be said that this type of brush can be rotated perfectly in different directions, which ensures efficient and fast snow removal.

Cleaning with a suspended snow shovel

This type of unit is useful in the case of heavy and wet snow, which has already managed to compose. A hanging snow shovel, combined with special knives, provides a very effective cleaning of heavy snow, which is difficult to clean with your strength.

Use of the rotary snow dumper. This type of walking tractor equipment is very often found in the streets of the city, especially at a time of year when a large number of snowfalls. A rotary type snow trap is a tube-shaped device that absorbs most of the snow and throws it away with a large amplitude. This method of compensation is suitable if there is a lot of snow.

How to use your walker correctly in winter

For the pedestrian to function effectively in winter, it is very important to make it work, following some suggestions.

  1. Keep the device warm only. The engine block must idle in a warm garage so that it does not have to be started for a long time afterwards and in vain to ruin the engine.
  2. Replace the gearbox oil. As you know, frost makes the oil greasy. That’s why you should take care of special synthetic oils designed for these conditions.

Engine block snowplough production

To create a snowplough from the motorcycle block, you need to acquire the following items:

Fan-fan unit scheme for snow removal.

  1. Motor bar. You can not even use the walker itself, only its functional part.
  2. Metal for the roof, from which the shell for the screw will be made later.
  3. Plywood 10 mm thick. It is useful for the formation of sidewalls.
  4. Metal angle, which is suitable for the manufacture of the frame.
  5. Half inch tube, which is comfortable to adjust like a handle.
  6. 3/4 inch tube which can be used as a screw shaft.
  7. In advance, it is necessary to make the right cut in the middle of the pipe. It is useful when attaching a metal plate, i.e. the blade.
  8. The same scapula, which was mentioned above. It should have a size of 120×270 mm.
  9. The side part of the tire for the car or the belt for transporting goods with a thickness of 10 mm. The base of a two-way auger is formed by these elements, which positions the snow on the blade.
  10. Rings cut from the strip above, whose diameter is 28 cm.
  11. Bearings of the closed type.

To correctly connect the motor platform, which has been taken from the motor block, a pipe is taken and the metal corners are welded to it. They are located perpendicularly to the plate. For the shaft to fit normally into the bearings, it is necessary to create cuts at the ends and knock them. When this process is completed, the shaft diameter will decrease. It should be noted that the bearings in each case are required precisely of the closed type. We can not allow them to get some snow.

After assembling the design above, it is more effective to put it on skis. If the wheels are adapted to such an assembly, likely, they will simply lock into the snow, especially if the latter is deep enough. The base for the skis can be turned by wooden bars, on which is fixed a special plastic coating, which offers a much better glide on the snow. If there are boxes used to install electrical wiring at hand, you can use them.

The so-called rotating slide, which is engaged in throwing snow in a given direction, can be created using a plastic pipe, which is used in sewerage systems. Its diameter should be large enough – not less than 160 mm. This pipe should be connected to an identical pipe, the diameter of which is correspondingly smaller.

Snowplough with mounting frame for monoblock.

Also, all assembled elements fit into the body of the screw conveyor. To ensure that the snow is thrown in the right direction, a small part of the sewer pipe is attached to the curve chute. The diameter of the eaves must be taken slightly wider than the width of the blade of the borehole itself. This is necessary for the rapid advancement of the snow towards the ejection. The chute for the direction of the turns can adjust the radius of the snow. In particular, the length of the chute must be adjusted.

After all the above manipulations have been done, it is necessary to start painting the new snowplough to give it a presentable appearance. And after the paint is dry, it can be used to clean the snow. Some owners don’t stop there and invent a self-propelled version of the snowplough.

It may seem to some that creating a snowplough on its own is not that easy. Therefore, if there are opportunities and means, then this type of unit can always be purchased from specialized outlets. But it should immediately be noted that such a device will cost a lot of money because it also belongs to the class of a peculiar technique. On the other hand, if there is a fully functioning retractable tractor at home, you can buy one of the units listed above. The device is powerful and reliable, which means that you will be able to deal with the removal of snow. Yet, as practice shows, there’s nothing complicated about this whole process.

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