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Luckily, we have cleared up the last ambiguities, the room measurements have been refined after forging the tiles, and it looks like the proverbial newspaper, but probably everything that we planned will be pressed. It is worth remembering that until we remove the old glaze, we only estimate certain things. Now, when all installations or the ventilation chimney are discovered – we know what is real and what is not.

Of course, difficulties and minor obstacles multiply all the time. I will try to write about it regularly because I just didn’t take many things into account.

First of all

The decision of whether to leave the old door frames and only set new wings or do everything. The original concept was that there would be new doors and door frames – it was to be nice and tidy. Now, however, I changed my mind. Carving door frames in the bathroom and toilet while leaving the old ones in the other three rooms is a bad idea. Today, mounted doors and frames have an EU standard imposed and are much higher than those from several decades ago. I don’t even intend to forge all the others because it would generate the need to renovate the entire apartment right away. I can’t afford it either for economic or logistical reasons. Leaving three old, two new – tall ones – would look terrible.


  • Removing the door frames could damage the terracotta in the hallway, and I did not leave even one tile in stock – it’s worth paying attention to. What’s more – at the toilet door I have so-called storage space. A new, enlarged door light would force us to dismantle it. To sum up – two new doors are renovating at least the hallway. I didn’t consider it before.

When deciding on the new door wings themselves, it is worth measuring them well and talking in stores. In principle, each bought today must be shortened (cut from the bottom), if it can be embedded on the old door frame. Undercutting can result in the elimination of the ventilation openings in the toilet and bathroom doors, which is why it is better to choose the ones without them and later drill them yourself.

Second thing

Floor heating. Originally, I wanted to have them not as a luxury or so-called bagger, but to dry the bathroom between heating seasons, in humid weather, just to dry the laundry. Today, however, we concluded that with such a small floor area it will be much better to invest in an electric heater for the radiator. The mats consume a lot of power and do not heat up immediately. I will get a better effect from the radiator. You just have to remember about the additional electrical socket where you turn on the heater.

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